Legal self-defense: Street conflict

It is a cold-blooded sweetie in the Gorky Park, or even personal ones.

For example, my friend, a kernel thrower, really defended himself from a drunken man with a knife. He told her how to do it. The head of the aggressor hit the knife. 7 years.

Sitting in the studio, I thought you wouldn’t be talking on the phone, such cases? It is a rushing at you. Without weapons, Just an ordinary street conflict. What to do in this case? How does it apply?

It is a bad tool for self-defense. Street conflict is not a competition. How can you accurately calculate where you will go? And it is worth getting the wrong way …

And it’s not even about death. For example, Article 111 of the Criminal Code, paragraph 1:

“Intentional Influence of the Disorder, Orthopedic or Toxicomania,

It can be expressed as the result of the perpetrator. It means that there is no damage to the skin. The damage doesn’t matter. It is important that it is distant. It has been able to reduce hair, so on. were recognized as disfigurement. “

It has, you can’t have it. Well, or a little bit.

It is understood that there are various physical factors, physical, chemical, biological, psychogenic. And further: “paralysis” can be followed. It is a fact of loss of productive ability. “

It has been advised that it will be a good deal. to work poorly Well, or in the groin too much charged, overdo it. And hi.

Of course, this is what you defend yourself, etc.). And sometimes. But we are talking about a banal street fight. What to do in order not to come to such an outcome?

  • It is dangerous to go agile towards itself, it’s dangerous;
  • Secondly, it is important to analyze your opponents in an amicable way. If it came to physical confrontation, this is already a loss. It’s like passing a scout. I wrote in my book “I want to repeat myself. On the use of self-defense means such as a gas cylinder, stun gun, etc. wrote in the same place.

So what to do? Here are some examples (based on the existing database). Everyone can choose what suits him best from the existing arsenal of technical elements. Or make something from the list below. According to your individuality.

  • Good help accumulated low kick – Most people will not be able to do anything after that. It is a painful effect that demoralizes the enemy, but there is no injury.
  • Good help wrestling techniques – the same strangulation. Strangulation, in contrast to the blow, can be dosed. The enemy will not be able to see it again.
  • Good old good arm room behind the back. But it must be carefully worked out. If you select the “trauma”, you will be disarmed.

It is much more than that in terms of the Criminal Code. . I’m not struck, but I’m not struck.

Self defense

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