Legalization of self defense


I would like to say that I would like to have an idea of ​​self-defense, firearms, active citizenship and consciousness.

I had two such situations in my life.

First case – and suddenly we heard screams. I saw a girl who was dragging her hair. Then I realized – robbing. Tries to snatch the bag, and the girl clutched at her, yelling, “Help! Help! ”And dragged him along the ground.

And I just returned from the war. Planck fell instantly. I love you. It seemed to me in the two jumps all six lanes. How I screamed obscenities “Kill, bitch !!!” How ran after him. I realized myself only when I started to get a knife. When I ran after him in the doorway – my mind cut through. I think: “Now there will be his compass is ten people. Killed in FIG! ”So he took out a knife.

Thank God, he threw off the bag. I stopped. Picked up the bag. But I didn’t notice. In general, it is good that the guy ran fast. And then I would sit now. After your war, you’ll come to your senses. Or he traveled in a wheelchair – if there were still ten of them there.

The girl is all in tears, in the dirt, in the blood, in the blood, she pulled her well. My wife calms her down. “I had everything, a purse, money, a passport, all documents …” I gave her a bag, a purse. He shoots five hundred rubles – “… thanks, here, take …” Shocked yet. Not moved away. Then I realized, I went to buy us a box of marshmallow.

While I was running along the gateways, the cops arrived. What happened? Wife: faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, you will overtake them!

Do you know what the cops did? They sat down and left.
Just sat down and left …

Second case was, where, after the defeat of NTV, where I’ve managed to get settled, And engaged in illegal business activities. Bombed to put it simply. Taksovat

I brought a company of drunk youngsters. Well, as youngsters. Twenty years already, even more, but no brains. Man five. Boys and girls. One completely drooling, aggressive, everything rolls on his girlfriend. Drove. Paid off. Send out

And then I’m not sure how this drunk aggressive girl still beats. Well, for real. In face. I go out. After all, there have been several years passed, but the anger is strong. “What are you doing, you jerk?” He didn’t beat him, so he was half-beaten and half-pushed into the chest. He fell over the fence.

And then his girlfriend, snot, with a broken nose, attacked me. “Don’t beat him, you bastard! He’s good! ”And he starts to bludgeon me. Well, damn … I’m in afig, of course. Spat and left.

So that’s what I want to say. I have a couple of years old. And I’m not sure what to say. It doesn’t matter, in their head, or not. The situation is perceived as real. And I’m not ready for all that, I’m ready to go my way. But then I’m not willing to want to know what to do.

So here’s what.

Hashtag should not be ?? #? I do not sayTell, but -?#? IDENTIFICATION OF THE SHAFT?!

Every person is everybody! – should have the right to protect themselves and the people around him. Especially when cops, seeing violence, turn around and leave.

It is a woman who has been able to I would like to go about their business. It is a bit bristled.

The will of everyone will shoot everyone. Expected. What is your opinion?

What I want to say about this views. And I think that all desires must be fulfilled.

FULL OF ALL IS RESPECTED AT THIS MAN. Not on the vigilantes It is on this person. On you. The State of the Vigilantes.

If you don’t want to protect yourself – OK. It is your right. But please, I beg you, when you get into a critical situation – and our life now isif a“, but”when“, Then please do not shout in this case,” Help! “

I fully respect, maimed. If you want to protect yourself, do not care. I also have a family, children, life. I do not want to lose one.

If you’re a little bit different, you’ll have to go for a sticker – “I AM AGAINST WEAPONS, I’ll have your way, I’ll have it, I’m not interested in it.” So that with I’m not sure I’ve been able to be killed in the gateway.

Otherwise, you can’t get it out, get it out. So – yourself against violence. Respect and you are my right to pass by. And do not become disabled for you.

– I am unarmed now too.
And I don’t want to crawl with my hands.

Ideally, opponents should be able to come up with some sort of identification mark. Say the red circle. Or a black parallelogram. And wear it on clothes.
In order not to defend yourself, it’s not.

Please don’t care for my own life. I think this will be fair.

P.S. My God, this is a demagogic nonsense that is already tired … ” store becomes empty!

So this is nonsense about “not everyone will be able to cross the line.” Yes, everyone. Not only will the end of the will! It is a danger of life. Lupash, just go! And the machine is still not enough! Give me a tank! Kill the bastard, he wanted to kill me! Me !!!

The problem is to stop. I received a family study of literature from an intelligent family,

Legalization of self defense

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