Leopard-1: the desire and skill decide!

Recalling a saddle of woodworking.

And now what? Throw it away or throw it on the high shelf. Well, no, really! This is the case for every month =)

I started with a more detailed inspection of the product. Cutting off the skin.

The shank was very narrow. He was placed in a separate structural member. And fastened with two rivets. He wouldn’t have broken down again. And I don’t understand the motive – why is it?

I’m not a knot for a shank. At the same time, the channel was slightly expanded.

It used to be the case for the shank. Next grinder stripped seams.

At the exit, we get a nice and reliable result. It is a winding. I was pleasantly surprised.

This time he used a small petrol lighter as a “bauble”. The knife is very much in harmony. Therefore, it is not a big and pleasant “survival kit”.

To summarize:

  • Check your newly purchased equipment before hiking, where it can be used.
  • And if you want to meet your expectations, do not be discouraged. It can be adorned with TB.

Suitable for universal manipulation. But observations will continue.

Survival rate – efficiency!

Leopard-1: the desire and skill decide!

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