Leveraxe Lever Ax: A Super Efficient New Generation Tool

There is no need for a specific design. ax leveraxe fundamentally changes the way to chop wood, making it possible to help up a huge block.

The axle of the new generation.

It would seem a bit more innovative. But the Finnish studio Vipukirves This is a way to ensure that the tool can be adjusted.

Finnish ax Leveraxe.

Improved ax leveraxe thanks to its shifted center of gravity, it cuts wood, dodging to the right after the impact. A special ledge on the head, used for support, then allows you to detach the broken piece. In addition, it doesn’t get stuck.

It can be detached.

The ax has been reduced significantly, since it has been reduced significantly.

Even a teenager can chop wood with this ax.

Is able to serve well. It is easy, but it is incredibly good-looking. It is not always much used to make it.

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