Life hacking for extreme situations

If you’re a BP person. Well, or even not BP, but local troubles, threatening, however, life. Come on, there, “the threat of life.” If you’re a little bit plunge, you can’t make it. So here. People do not know how to behave in any uncomfortable situation.

It is not a relieve from the trousers themselves.

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars – all this is happening, reflected only on the displays.

But it can be a rest. Injury to the trouble. But you will know how to apply. Go:

  1. Steel wool. A common option for polishing, grouting surfaces. Sponge for its hard part. Perhaps this is your kitchen now. Perhaps you should put a piece of cotton and a 9 volt battery into NAZ. Sparks. What to do next, most likely guess.
  2. Clock with arrows. The sun rises by the sun. O’clock should be divided in half. And this bisector will line to the south. In the afternoon – on the left. It is logical to add it from 6 am to 6 pm.
  3. Tampons Easily stop bleeding. If there is no bandage, wound with your hand. Otherwise, it will require a harness.
  4. Car and snow storm. In the car, your chances of being buran are much higher than outside. Every hour it doesn’t have to be freeze. The battery is not charged. If you are on the engine then turn on the headlights. It is easier to find you.
  5. Female multitool – pantyhose. This piece of clothing will completely get off the rope or filter from dust. In addition, pantyhose can be used as a tourniquet (just in time for a tampon).
  6. Cotton clothes – treacherous. She gives her body to breathe, it warms perfectly. But. If she gets wet, you risk catching inflammation. Obtained in nature, among cotton lovers. Made of synthetics or wool do not have such problems, however there are some minuses there …
  7. Trees and thunderstorm. It is very illogical to climb under a tree during a thunderstorm, especially the tallest or lonely standing. Lightning tyuknet precisely there.
  8. Food in foil. If there are no dishes on hand.
  9. Matches and flashlight. Keep a few matches in your flashlight. As a rule, it is better protected from moisture than boxes. Of course, if there is a place for these matches.
  10. Snow and quenching thirst. Do not eat snow, especially yellowish. It is better to melt the snow. You can even mouth. Water should not be sent inside.
  11. Storm. In the event of a storm – close all windows, doors, vents … In general, everything. One light draft will be enough for bad things to happen.
  12. During the earthquake Hide and drop it up. Preferably in the fetal position. Do not stand in the doorways.
  13. Condoms. Product number two will help keep everything from moisture, from documents to weapons. Even in the condom, you can get a water glove.

In general, we want to give advice. Be prepared for any adversity. Forewarned is forearmed. It is a good idea.

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Advice and preparation for emergencies

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