Life Is Precious: The Original Brass Flask Survival Kit

Life is beautiful. At least, this is the conviction of Fort Standard employees. They even created a model of the same name. survival kit, difficult conditions. It is about the product “Life Is Precious” and will be discussed in this review.

The set is “life is beautiful” A miniature compass is built into the container cover. Whole stuffing survival kit wrapped in a canvas bag, compactly rolled up with a leather rope.

You can’t find your way through the water; rope; needles with threads; fisherman’s set; whistle; swiss knife and more. In addition, it is necessary to help those who are not satisfied.

Unfortunately, survival kit never entered free sale. It was created to participate in the competition. Handmade Exhibition, as well as an exhibit Salone del mobile. Apparently, the survival kit is not in the 21st century.

But the idea was not in vain. In the case of the safety of life, it has been designed to make it possible.

Life Is Precious: The Original Brass Flask Survival Kit

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