Lightweight: Advantages over conventional tourism

Who is a pedestrian tourist?

This is probably a man hiking. Is logical. If you’re on a trip to the middle of the forest?

In addition, you will not be able to get along. And also some dishes. And why not, because you can even pack a pressure cooker and a Chinese tea set.

It is a rainy day. It has been noted that the instructions for the use of objects have been Lighter with 20 meters in the lava.

I’m trying to carry him along.

This backpack is from a tourist destination. And give a small backpack. There is a set of items, but slightly modified? Then it turns … into an easy ride!

And who is such a lightweight vehicle?

In the last century, in America. And it’s a bit different. It is already a fact that it is already understood. Enough of a small backpack, which will carry a maximum of 9-10 kilograms.

There are also up to 2-3 kg light vehicles. And while not experiencing discomfort during the entire route! The route is in no way inferior to that of the above mentioned heavyweights overcome.

Easier to overcome obstacles on rough terrain. The weight of the lightweight will be a clear clearing. You can’t take a walk!

What is the main thing in light walking?

Weight. Moreover, not in favor of its increase. There is nothing to add away. This is due to the mosquitoes or low temperatures, hunger. In order to get ready for a lightweight, it’s important to consider the following principles of equipment selection:

  • Item weighing – the first and main principle. Buy accurate scales. Weigh everything you want with you. Compare. And choose what is even a gram easier.
  • From here comes the second point. Give up the little things. Penny to penny, as they say. And then – gram to gram. Any extra details, such as extra metal clasps, heavy and large packages, will only hurt you. It is used as a tool to make it easier to use it.
  • Need to take only the most necessary. Chaise and tool box. You need to use every day.
  • When you have collected these things, review them … and set aside what you can do without. Even less weight.
  • Many things can be used for perform multiple functions. Film from the rain can be used as an awning. Backpack – like a pillow.
  • Thinking through the route It is also important that you can carefully make your way.

With all this, there is also a philosophy in light walking. A person not packed in a spacesuit, closer to nature, feels greater unity. For comfortable conditions for themselves. Stay with us.

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Lightweight and ordinary tourist. Main differences

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