Lightweights: History

It is a quick way to get it away!

It is clear, of course, that this is a joke. But in every joke there is some truth. Tourists are passing through their shoulders. Fixing the leg, durable backpack, tent, reliable clothing and much more. Or not?

There followers call themselves “light runningIt’s clear how it’s possible to gain weight and more weight. , they’re more than the tourists.


People have long been accustomed to make long hiking trips. Butt for pleasure. It has been given that it has been given a chance to make it out. Especially strongly contributed to the second World War. And not only here, but also in Western countries.

It was almost the easiest of all. If you are not a young woman, you will be able to country to another. All these factors have played a role in the formation of classical tourism.

It should be noted. And, in contrast to the same Europe, savages. That is, with a tent and a sleeping bag somewhere in the wilderness. “Tents are not a prerequisite.”


1955 Emma Rowena Gatewood decided to go for a walk. Just some 3.5 thousand kilometers – Appalachian trail. For American backpackers, absolutely normal. If not for two “but”. First, Emma Gatewood was 65 years old. Raincoat, duffel bag, blanket and rainbow. Neither do you want to wear shoes? And that’s all. And she got the same!

In 1960 and 1965, “Grandma Gatewood” repeated feat with the same equipment. And despite the age, the route passed even faster than the first time. Sheltered on the day. Well, except for the small sausages of Vienna, which she was dragged in her duffel bag.

That is why “granny gatewood” is considered one of the first light rail. She has successfully survived our ways to survive. This wonderful lady died at 85, in her right mind and sober memory. Yes, and her health problems.

“Outside hiking”

But the stories of Emma Gatewood were only proof that the concept light going has the right to exist. Official clearance light rail thanks to you Ray jardine. This comrade not only worked on the basic concepts and principles light going, I described them in practiceBeyond backpacking (“Outside of hiking”), which was published in 2000.

Ray Jardine since childhood, and travel. He was a boy of scouting, where he made the first serious ascent. He graduated from the university, received a diploma of aerospace engineer. Jenna. Happy married so far. He also mastered professional climbing, parachuting, scuba diving and other types of extreme tourism.

Soon came the turn and hiking. At first it was “Pacific trail“It was then that he realized that something was wrong.” with his wife, began to develop the concept of ultra-light equipment and light going generally.

“With his base weight of 4 kg, with with“Pacific path»Passed in 3 months. On average, it was over 40 km and more. All your ideas and ideas Ray jardine designed in the form of a book “Pacific Crest Trail Hiker’s Handbook“Which was released in 1992, and in 2000 was supplemented and republished under the title”Beyond backpacking“This book has a“ bible ”for every self-respecting person. light rail. It is not only the general recommendations.

And a few minuses

In any case ALWAYS appear uporny fanatics. Lightness it was a bit loosened up, it was a bit loosened, it wasn’t 20 grams! ground off the soles of shoes. And they actively encouraged others to do so. light rail.

And such people went on serious routes. Not always successful, I must say. For example, in 2007, two light rail decided to make mount mckinley, what’s in alaska. It is more than 6,000 meters above the sea level. Alas, the citizens were not forced to go back. Still in hardcore mountaineering light walking in its pure form does not work.

And we have?

But it is in the west. We have a concept “light going“It takes you a piece of canvas, and it’s not a funeral for you. See their young colleagues.

However, they are thinking about maximizing their own equipment, because light rail Westerners are forced to think about revising the original concept. It is much easier and easier.

On the other hand, hiking with minimal equipment. (No) there is no need for equipment. Either you can survive with little or nothing. That is why among the seasoned survivors light running often found. Grillz can be used as an illustrative example. So from a formal point of view, he too easy going.

Lightweights: History

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