Limb Shooting Myth

Introduction (excerpt from the New Centurion by Joseph Wembo, who served for 14 years):

“… And even if we’re talking about it. Although I’m not an instructor in shooting, I’m not really an instructor in shooting. It is a fact that it is not a problem to mention a moving target. He has a lot of paper on his hands! But that is just a paper opponent. He does not fire back. Adrenaline will not make your hand shake. And in battle, she trembles like a licorice stalk in the wind!

If you’ve heard the jury’s question? What was sure to kill him? What did you do? .. “

In fact, it’s not. Remember the tale of apt cowboys? A hunting stories about the “squirrel in the eye”? I love you! – and the bobbing knight arrow straight into the visor? People love beautiful myths. Ignorance of the subject. Some comments like:

“Why didn’t he hit him in the arm / leg?” Was it necessary to kill? “

Guys, they are not taught this. In general, no one is taught this. Everyone is taught center of mass. Danger is never joking. It doesn’t happen that half killed or crippled nebolno. Any threat is real, even if it seems that it is not. If you’re looking for a toothbrush, it’s not a problem. A lot of people arrogantly stung that they had underestimated the situation.

If you’re minimized for a warning shot, then you’re making it for you. It is nosense.

Do you need to have a lot of fun?

There are three important reasons for this …

The first – it’s easier to get there.

Shoot and fall – fundamentally different things. Limb. Frankly speaking

If you’re looking for it always works. They are not just invented. If they are, for example, mechanical, then they must be combined (withstand a flat front sight). If you can’t stand a fly, then go away to the wrong place.

The pillar with the front sight.

Let’s calculate how much you want to see.

It has been noted that the following formula:
A = (a * L) / l
where is the amount of bullet deflection on the target;
a – the deviation of the fly;
L is the shooting distance;
l is the length of the aiming line.

For example, take the line of the Makarov pistol (130 millimeters). Let it be, say, 5 mm. The shooting distance let it be 2 meters (2000 mm). And it goes with us …
76.92 = (5 * 2000) / 130

Like this. Bullet deflection is almost 77 mm. There is a good chance to miss you. The time is up. And you can, you can get a murder. All ashes, alas.

Why fly away deviate? And because stress. In a stressful situation, it’s turned out to be a hell. It is not easy to “stand up”; These conditions are not subject to jars of pneumatics.

Someone will say out loud: it’s the professionals! They must have psychological preparation! Get it out of your head. The police are ordinary people. They have a normal human psyche. With all the inherent stress reactions trained to trained fighter. They are not trained by secret scientists. Everything is beautiful.

Shoot at the center of mass

If you’re not lucky enough to get in the limb, then you’re there. If you are unable to continue the attack physically.

Well, the third reason is purely ethical.

If you are taking care of his life? Psevdogumanizm such? Do not care? How do you want it? As soon as conscience is enough for it? This is immoral and unnatural. A good man, not a villain.

Self defense

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