Living near chemical and radiation hazardous facilities, preventive measures.

The tips that I will outline here relate to living near chemical and radiation hazardous facilities. They are the most difficult to execute. Not because they require significant labor or financial investments, but only because they do not want to execute them. And I don’t want to remember them. For the simple reason that there are no obvious incentives. 

Accommodation near chemical and radiation hazardous facilities, preventive measures.

No fear. Civil defense sirens do not roar, frightening calls are not broadcast on TV, fires are not visible. And then everything is in order. And you can live without such a thing. True, worse and less than in neighboring areas. Who says a quiet threat is less dangerous than a loud one? What if it does not explode and burn, is everything all right? Just the opposite. Doctors know that chronic diseases are often much more dangerous than acute ones. Because they decompose the body every day and imperceptibly for the patient.

or large-scale release SDYAV. And make every effort to create public control over the safety of production, storage and transportation of hazardous substances in nearby enterprises. What, it seems to someone that I am exaggerating, frightening the faint of heart with pictures of impending technogenic disasters? And if not? After all, there was Chernobyl, which already claimed the lives of thousands of people who neglected basic safety measures. And continuing to blow.

And there was a catastrophe of a chemical plant in Bhopal (India), where more than three thousand residents of the nearest settlements instantly died during a gas leak and 200 thousand were injured. Well, if you do not want to take all these recommendations into your head, to stock up with means of chemical protection, you have a simpler way: do not work at such dangerous facilities and do not live near them. Move somewhere far away. To live in peace. And most importantly, longer. And then you will not need gas masks, gauze dressings, or the ability to conduct an investigation in order to establish the toxic substance that you are being poisoned. Go away. Until it’s not too late.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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