Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

An increasing number of people are learning how beneficial it can be to live off the earth. For many, it provides a life with much less stress and, for others, it is a healthier way of life. When preparing to exit the grid, it is important to make sure it is prepared properly. There are some supplies you must buy and do before you can start your self-sustaining lifestyle. You will also need to master several skills, some more challenging than others.

Proper preparation in advance will ensure that your transition is smooth and effortless as possible. Many people focus on making only one change at a time so they do not feel overwhelmed by all the alterations.

Benefits of natural life.

Making the necessary changes may sound like a gigantic task, but many agree that it’s worth it.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

These are just some of the advantages of this way of life:

  • You trust more in yourself and less in others.
  • Learn new skills
  • Enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Renewable energy
  • Better for the environment
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Personal satisfaction and sense of reward.
  • Less stress and generally happier living conditions.
  • Preserve and transmit knowledge to younger generations.
  • Sharing family experiences helps strengthen family ties.
  • Reduces waste substantially
  • Physical exercise and a lot of time outdoors.
  • Decision wise financially
  • It helps prevent dependence on technologies such as the internet and television.
  • Inspire others to follow and this can help create an entire community.
  • You can keep any additional product and sell, donate or exchange additional products with your neighbors
  • Enjoy the therapeutic comfort of having several animals.

Limitations to consider

When you learn to live off the land, it’s not just about the benefits and benefits. It is also essential that you consider the limitations of this lifestyle. These limitations are not necessarily all bad, but you do need to be prepared. First, you may be able to make your own environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning substances, but personal care and sun protection products are often purchased at the nearest grocery store. In that sense, you will still have to earn a living, which means that, just because you plan to live off the land, you should not give up your daily work!

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

In many cases, one family member will work, while the other will take care of things at home to ensure that everything works correctly. Even children can participate, and their level of participation can increase as they grow.

Living from the fruits of nature is not just about hunting, fishing and gathering. It is possible that your environment is not abundant in hunting and edible vegetation throughout the year, so it is important to grow with your own livestock. Of course, you can still hunt wild animals, but having your own chickens, for example, will ensure you have a regular supply of eggs and birds.

Possible risks and disadvantages

Choosing to live this way means that there are some risks that you should take into account. First of all, if you choose land that is considerably far from civilization, you will be quite far from facilities such as hospitals. In the case of any type of medical emergency, it can be difficult to get to the right doctor on time.

If you live in an area that receives a significant amount of snow during the winter or if the area is known for flooding, your access roads may be blocked regularly, and this is also a disadvantage in case of an emergency. For people with children, schools are also far away and, for this reason, some parents choose education at home.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

Living on your own means that you are more likely to encounter more snakes, spiders, insects and even larger predators. It is good to know what kind of dangers lurk so you can take the necessary precautions. If you know that a particular snake or poisonous spider calls the area of ​​your home, you may be inclined to learn how to keep the antidote on hand in case of an emergency.

Important skills to master

Learning how to live off the earth also involves mastering various life skills. You must have a basic knowledge of construction and how to build several structures. This will help you build the structures, as well as perform maintenance when necessary. It is also good to gain experience with basic sanitary and electrical repairs. That said, if you are not qualified in these fields and the work is complex, it may be better to call a professional instead of risking it.

Other useful skills include fishing, hunting (with various methods) and learning to identify various edible plants and fruits in your area. It is also a good idea to understand subsistence agriculture, as you will know how to manage enough livestock and crops to feed your family. Basic first aid training is also an advantage, as it could be miles from the nearest medical center. Learning crafts such as making your own candles with beeswax can also be useful, since you will have a completely free light source and will be able to conserve your electricity.

Covering all your bases

It is important to make sure that you address all aspects of living outside the network before taking the step. Most of these steps depend on the conclusion of the one that comes before. In other words, you will need to secure a piece of land before you can build. You will also have to prepare the structure of your home before you can configure things like water and electricity. These are some of the main planning points:

Acquiring land

Your first priority is to find the right piece of land. If you do not have land, you can not live on it! The amount of land you need is debatable. Each family has different needs and means. It might be worth buying a slightly smaller piece of land with the possibility of expanding your property by buying neighboring lots of land. You will need enough land for your home, space for your crops, livestock and land to grow your own trees for wood and other reasons.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

When looking for the perfect piece of land, you should also consider water. Look for a piece of land where water is readily available throughout the earth. You may need to dig one or two wells around the property. This will not only benefit your home but also your crops and animals. Taxes should also be considered and construction restrictions when buying land. Make sure you can follow your construction ambitions. Consider the local weather too. You must make sure that the climate is suitable for agriculture and your animals.

Safe water

Having water nearby is important, but it is also essential to make sure that the water is safe for consumption. Your plants, animals and your family can not survive without a safe source of drinking water. The cost of digging wells varies according to the location and depth of the well. The deeper they need to dig, the more it will cost. It is also important to understand that there are several underground streams at various depths. Most of the time, the first you reach will not be the purest.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

Dig further down, at least, up to the third stream for a clean and consistent water supply. In addition, you should also set up tanks for water storage and filtering systems to ensure that the water is safe. The construction of your own ponds is also ideal for freshwater fish farming, which can be used as a water supply for animals and, if you experience a fire, you can use the water to turn it off.


This is one of the most important factors to consider and plan in advance. You can plant your own crops and maintain a variety of livestock. Small livestock to consider include chickens and ducks, rabbits, goats and even sheep.

Chickens and ducks offer the additional benefits of eggs and feathers. Sheep can provide wool, while rabbit skins can also be useful for various items of home-made clothing and even bedding. The milk of your goats can also be used for consumption and you can make your own dairy products like cheese.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

If you have enough space, you can even keep bigger animals like cows and pigs. By having livestock, you must make sure that everyone is safe from predators. Large dogs are often the protector of choice, as are resistant fences. Also, remember that you do not need to buy several types of animals at once. You can start with two or three types of animals and keep moving forward. Regarding the crops, it is important to plant both fruits and vegetables.

Make the most of your land using appropriate crop rotation methods. This allows the soil to recover between crops so that it does not become a baron. Some excellent examples of crops that are easy to grow include fruit trees, tomatoes, peppers, corn, pumpkins, cabbage, green leaves and potatoes. Divide your property appropriately and plant your crops in the right places. Some crops, such as wild berries, can be grown without much effort. Simply plant them in the shade of a wooded area and enjoy!

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

Do not forget the advantages of growing with bees too! You can place your beehives in the far corner of your property and these bees will serve more than one purpose. They will provide you with a regular supply of honey and they will also supply you with wax to make various household items and pollinate your flowers and crops.

Your home

You should make sure you have a place to live before making the change. The key is to avoid focusing on building the house of your dreams. Instead, build only what you need. Many people start with nothing more than a camper until they can build their home little by little. It is also important to use natural materials when building your house and, if possible, build your house on a hillside. By using this design approach, you can create a cool home for the summer and a warm home in the winter. The hill will provide the best isolation from outside conditions.

Power supply

You will need energy for several reasons and this means that you should consider several options. The most popular option for many owners is to install solar panels. This takes up space and costs money, but solar technology is increasingly accessible. Energy can also be generated by taking advantage of the potential of wind and water.

You only need to configure all the necessary equipment, as well as a means to store the energy in durable batteries. You will discover that you will not need as much electricity during the day as during the night. You will also use more electricity during the winter than in the summer.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

If you want to save energy, you can light your house with candles. You can also avoid the use of electricity to heat your home by installing fireplaces and wood stoves. During the summer, you can enjoy hot water running your water lines on the roof of your house.

The sun will heat the water in the tubes during the day and should remain hot for several hours after nightfall. During the winter, you can use a different water pipe system. Create a serpentine of water pipes around your fireplaces and wood stove. The tubes will heat up every time you start a fire. You can also boil water in your wood stove or place a pot of water on top of your fireplaces to ensure a steady supply of warm water.

Medical experience

As you will probably live quite far from civilization, you will need to prepare for a series of possible emergencies. Injuries and illnesses can occur at any time. It is good to know exactly how far you are from the nearest hospital and what is the best route to follow to obtain them quickly. Have a first aid kit on hand, as well as a complete collection of medical supplies. Some important techniques to learn include bandaging various wounds, stabilizing an arm or leg fracture, treating burns, treating poisonous bite treatments, and how to break a fever quickly.

You can also plant an herb garden and make sure to label all your plants and keep a list of their uses, as well as how to prepare natural remedies. For example, some natural remedies are only for external use and it is easy to forget these things when you are in a hurry. Prevention is always better than cure, so take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents, bites and burns.


You must also guarantee your protection and that of your family. This means that you must have at least a small collection of firearms in your home.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

Weapons and the security of weapons must be their main priority. Always keep your firearms in a safe place and remember that they can also be useful when you want to hunt wild animals in the area.


This is probably one of the most challenging of all, since you may not like the idea of ​​having been too connected to the world. You want to live outside the network, after all. You have a number of options. You can choose a mobile phone, but this will mean that it will depend on the signal from your service provider. As for the Internet, you can search on Internet satellite service providers. You will have to pay an installation fee but, after this, your subscription fees should not be at all.

Alternatively, if you do not want to pay any monthly fee for communications, you can use a CB radio or a Ham radio. Just make sure you understand the capabilities and limitations of these forms of communication.

Garbage deposit

Your land probably will not have the usual sanitation facilities. This means that it is necessary to take care of waste disposal. This can be done using a compost system for human waste. Alternatively, you can opt for an incinerator toilet without water. The most expensive option would be to set up a septic system that will require regular maintenance and a regular supply of water and energy.


Going from A to B is always important. It is not a bad idea to keep a low maintenance vehicle on your property. Just be sure to use it regularly to keep the battery charged. You can use your car to make longer trips to the city for various supplies.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

Moving in your own land, if it is considerably large, can be done by bicycle or on horseback if you feel comfortable riding.

Horses can provide entertainment and exercise for their family while earning their livelihood by helping in the transport and transport of goods.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

Electric scooters and similar transport devices are also an option, as long as you do not need to travel too far before you have to recharge.

Mental power

Do not forget to prepare mentally and emotionally for this significant change. A healthy perspective can give you what you need to get through the most difficult times. Remember, it is not a picnic, but this way of life also has many wonderful things to offer.

Important survival supplies.

Living away from the comforts of the city means that you must be prepared for anything and everything. Having a backup plan is a vital part of survival, so make sure your supplies are always well stocked. Keep at least one utility knife handy at all times. The larger hunting knives are useful for heavy work.

Candles are an excellent source of light if you want to save electricity or if you have electrical difficulties. You can also use solar energy lights. These lights have built-in batteries that charge to the sun during the day and use this stored energy to light your way at night.

Living Off The Land: Making The Most of Nature

If your water filtration system fails at any time, you should always have at least one water filter straw handy. This will help ensure your drinking water needs at least until you can solve the problem. A backup generator is also a great idea. If you buy the right type of generator, you can also produce your own fuel, so you do not have to worry about buying fuel and polluting your environment.

Enjoy freedom and serenity.

So, what are you waiting for? There is no better time to take that step! The sooner you start making these important changes, the sooner you can sit back, relax and enjoy them! Yes, you will have to work regularly to maintain them, but it’s worth it!

Instead of spending a generous portion of your salary on household utility bills, you can also regain control of your life and how much money you spend! You will also have much more to leave behind for your children by offering land and a sustainable lifestyle outside the network, all ready to enjoy without any effort to configure everything!


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