London terrorist attack: suicide bombers with knives on the truck

Despite all the efforts terrorist attacks in the UK are going on. This time 7 people died, and 48 were injured. And now the details.

June 3 Evening. Approximately 10 hours. On the London Bridge, a minibus purposely rams vacationing citizens. Three peace of mind are put on “death belts” are getting out of the car. The fire catch up. According to the local press center, 50 bullets were sent to them. Tremendous inefficiency, especially since the “death belt” turned out to be dummies.

But the police didn’t stop there. On suspicion of involvement in terrorist organizations, about 12 people were arrested. Their personal details are not disclosed. Until. Their names are also not disclosed. However, there were witnesses of the terrorists.

As for the ISIL, the terrorist organization has been responsible for themselves. But, according to analysts, it is still necessary to prove. Since previous terrorist attacks in the UK carried out clearly without the support of LIH.

“We’re too tolerant of Islamic extremism.” Hopefully, they will finally go beyond the slogans. Extremism and ordinary Islam. Since, as investigations have shown, all participants in past terrorist attacks in the UK The Prophet Mohammed.

It was an explosion at the concert of Ariana Grande. He was a rammed people trainer on the street. Completely repeats one of the scenarios on May 22.

Actually, the question. To rent a minibus a lot of mind and money is not necessary. Buy a knife, too, can be anywhere. Still need to make. That is, preparations for the attack. And the result is no worse than an explosion. Especially if you’re pushing people on the bridge, hiding or running away. Do you need any assistance? And they didn’t just “expressing angry indignation about”

And one more question. It is a real threat? The development of events.


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