Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Preparing to store food for emergency situations or camping experience requires that you have some knowledge about what foods may still be edible after years. Of course, if a disaster occurs and your only source of food is the basement where you keep it, you will want to find the food in good shape. You do not want to see it totally wrong. It should have preserved its qualities and provide nutrition, flavor and nutrition. Therefore, you should know what those long-lived foods are and how to store them properly to prolong their shelf life.

We will give you a detailed list of various foods, ingredients, etc. that have years of shelf life, while some can be stored indefinitely and remain edible.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Product # 1 – honey

One of the sweetest and favorite foods with an almost indefinite shelf life is honey. Once, in an Egyptian tomb, archaeologists discovered some well-preserved honey and it was still edible, even after several thousand years. If you want to make sure that your honey will still be edible when you need it, keep it in a glass jar with the lid closed.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

The reason why honey can last for centuries is that it has little or almost no water content. Bacteria and other microorganisms grow in humid environments, so honey does not give them access to any water, honey can be virtually free of bacteria. Not only that, but the sugar content is a natural preservative and adds to the shelf life of honey.

In addition to all that, honey can be used to treat wounds, as it creates a # 8216; seal ” around the wound, which microorganisms can not penetrate.

Product # 2 – sugar and salt

Sugar It also falls on the list of long-term food storage. In fact, any type of sugar will serve: white, muscovado, raw, brown, etc.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Another one of those long-term storage foods is Salt. It has preservative properties and is often used for packaged foods. The more salt is added to a meal, the more theoretically it can last. Of course, you should keep it in the refrigerator (if you rely on salt to preserve food).

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Otherwise, the salt itself can never go wrong. Not only that, but you can also use salt to treat wounds and use it for other medical purposes.

Product # 3 – lyophilized foods

Other foods, which have a particularly long shelf life, are dry and frozen foods. The list here can be indefinite: from dried fruits and vegetables, to lyophilized meat, etc. There are tons of recipes on how to dry or lyophilize foods to prolong their shelf life.

A good example of dry / lyophilized foods is the pemmican. It is lean dried beef of buffalo. This has been a staple food for Native Americans. An identical food is the dried meat. Although the pemmican is dried in the fire, treated with fat and sometimes mixed with some fruits, the idea is the same: to dry the meat so that it can be preserved almost indefinitely. The dried meat also dries or freezes, conserving all the properties and nutrients of the food.

A variation of dried meat is Salami. It is cured meat, but it can still last a few years. if it is kept in a safe room. Although these foods can last for years, it is still advisable to store them in sealed plastic bags, bottles with airtight lids, etc.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Product # 4 – oils and fats

Another type of food, which is popular for its long shelf life is Oils and fats. They are often used to preserve other foods and can last for years (if properly stored). It is true that refined oils withstand oxidative damage over time and can become rancid with some years, but if you keep the oil in a cold, dark place with the lid closed (ideally, the refrigerator), you can double the time. / fat can last. A good example is peanut butter.

Not only is it a food full of fat, but it also contains vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. There is a large amount of this vitamin in peanut butter, so it has two types of defense: fat and vitamin E. An open jar of peanut butter can have up to a year of shelf life (due to exposure to oxygen) .

Apart from peanut butter (and all other oils and fats), we should definitely mention coconut oil. It is the only oil on the market (and in nature), which can last longer than any other oil or fat, up to 2 years without becoming rancid. It is true that it has a strong coconut flavor, which may not be attractive to everyone, but it is still a good idea to store some. People usually use it for frying, since coconut oil does not suffer oxidative damage so easily. Much higher temperatures are needed for the fat molecules to be damaged.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Product # 5 – dry pasta

Other foods that can last almost indefinitely are dry pasta, like spaghetti, noodles, etc. The reason is, again, as with honey: they contain very little water and moisture (no more than 2%), so they create a little and a void around the content, which does not allow any organism to thrive in the food. ambient.

This is another reason why dehydrated or lyophilized foods can last for years and decades. In general, moisture, temperature and light can contribute to a food being damaged. This is the reason why keeping any long-term food in colder, darker rooms is the best way to prolong your life.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Product # 6 – canned food

Another type of food that lasts for decades is the canned food. The good thing about this is that it is generally ready to eat, but it is stored in a vacuum, which eliminates any possibility of bacteria or microorganisms growing. Without moisture in the air, no bacteria can survive. Among canned foods you can choose canned beans, meat, fruits (excellent when you need more freshness on your menu), canned corn, tuna, etc.

Of course, you should know that even if moisture is removed from canned foods, these foods still have an expiration date (even unopened). They can be stored for up to 5 years and remain edible. For more details, you can check the label on the can; You will find more information about when the food was produced and sealed. The expiration date must also be printed explicitly.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Product # 7 – rice

Another purely natural food, which can last more than 25 years, is rice. If it is kept in a dry, dark and cool place, it can probably be stored for several years or decades. Rice only needs water to cook, and if you keep the salt nearby and add some canned food to the rice meal, it can be kept for quite some time. The seeds also have a very long shelf life. Almost any seed, eg. alpha alpha, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc. They can remain edible for up to a decade, if stored properly.

The seeds have a very strong outer shell, which protects the seed. This peel can resist even the powerful stomach acids and the seed can remain intact. This is how the seed is conserved until it has a fruitful environment to sprout.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

For you to benefit from the seeds (if you choose to store them) is to have a way to grind them. Do not kill them now and save them for later: once they are ground, they are exposed to oxygen and the oxidative process will destroy the nutrients and decrease the properties of the seeds. The seeds can remain edible only if they are not ground. If you want to do it, use a grinder and eat them within a month. Meanwhile, store the ground seeds in a hermetically sealed package, in a cool, dark and dry place.

Product # 8 – Grains, nuts and dried fruits.

In this same category we can also mention that grains and nuts It can also be stored for quite some time. They should be kept sealed, isolated from moisture and in a cool, dark room. If possible, store them in thick plastic bags, so that they can not be easily chewed by some bugs or insects.

Nuts can be eaten immediately without special preparation, while grains should be cooked to be edible. Once cooked, they are eaten quickly. Note that any nut or grain, which breaks and the interior area is exposed, must be removed. This area is exposed to bacteria and can go wrong over time, compromising the entire nut / grain.

Let’s not forget all the dry fruits you can store A good example are raisins and dates. These two are full of sugars (especially the dates) and can last for years. They have almost all the nutrients preserved. Other dried fruits may have additional sugar, but after all, storing food for emergency situations is more important than counting calories. And, of course, sugar is a great food preservative and an energy booster, so it’s definitely an advantage.

Sugar also has a calming effect on the neurological system, so if you’re stressed out, sugar can relax you a bit. It has been investigated that sugar reduces the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the bloodstream.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Product # 9 – milk powder, coffee and tea

If you feel that something is missing, you are probably right. You may wonder about dairy products. Well, one of those foods that you can store for many years is milk powder. And if you want to store cocoa powder (this can also last up to a decade), you can drink a good cocoa drink. You can also cook with milk powder.

You have many options with this food. If you store flour (5 to 8 years of shelf life) and sugar, you can make a simple cake. However, going back to powdered milk, you will know that it is time to throw it away when it turns yellow and does not have an attractive odor. Get a new one and replenish your food store.

Coffee and tea They may not be considered products, which can save lives during disasters or crises, but they can still be comforting foods. We need this type of food or drink, to keep our minds calm and relaxed. Many people, even in their normal daily life, need to drink coffee or tea every day, and can not imagine their days without these.

If you are one of these people, you should have many of these stored. Always keep them well sealed, away from moisture and heat. Since teas are basically dried herbs, they can trap mold if they are stored near a source of moisture. If you store instant coffee, it’s probably already in your own sealed package, so do not worry about that.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Product # 10 – chocolate

Another similar comforting meal is chocolate. It can also have a very long shelf life, but the best way to keep it edible is to stay at room temperature. People may think that keeping it in the refrigerator can prolong its shelf life, but that is not the case. The shelf life does not change, but if you store it in the refrigerator and take it out later, you can # 8216; sweat ‘, that is, it melts strangely. Therefore, it really is not necessary to keep it in a cold place. A normal room temperature is the best.

Chocolate also has sugar, which acts as a preservative. Over time you may notice white areas in the chocolate, as you age over time. This is a process when the cocoa butter rises to the surface of the chocolate, but does not mean that it is inedible. It’s still good, but the chocolate may have lost some flavor and flavor.

Long Shelf Life Foods: The Best Food Storage List for Emergency

Finally, if you prefer to store prepared and cooked food (and lyophilized), without having to moderate them, one of the best food producers on the market (and among the survivors) is Mountain House. They sell practically any type of food, any flavor, etc.

Almost anything you can think about, they also thought about it. They make freeze-dried foods, which can literally last forever. You can buy in large quantities to fill your grocery stores quickly. Other similar food manufacturers are Provident Pantry (mostly animal products), Honeyville Farms, Future Essentials, etc.


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