Lost a child! What to do? Maximum repost!

The article “Child safety in the street. About the most important “

Quiet, sha! Nobody is lost, no need to shout. Until.

Situation – child must return from school at 14:30. Time 16:00, he is not at home. Your actions? The child most likely has a telephone call. Why now? Why not at 15:00? Why did he not call? Where was he at a time? Gypsies stolen? Hit by a car? Lost? Or simply – went to visit a friend, played, forgot to call?

Stop car let’s understand.

The first, and most importantly, you can guarantee anything. It should be clear. “It’s clear that I’m going to happen.

To do this: think up and write down an “action plan”. Very good – this plan to rehearse “in the field.” Let’s start with the simplest, and we will complicate.

Discharged phone

It is delayed (lost), but it cannot be warned. No need to panic, too scared.

Solution: write phone numbers, phone, phone, phone, paper, laminate it. Make everyday and school backpack. A policeman, a policeman, a policeman, a carpenter talk to their parents. Everybody has a mobile phone now.

You can’t take it away. Only those who are familiar. With this we reduce the option – tired, left and left. Or even – with a took.

So. The phone has been picked up. Now important.

In no case. (If you give yourself a gift) He must explain where he was. Maximum – to approach the object from afar, stand up in sight.

Now for the parents. It is a stranger calling you for a phone call. It is a question and a little question:

– What do you bring an apple or pear?

This is a separate topic. Pear means everything is good, do not worry.

If, however, you say, “I brought you a pear.” Everything is fine, you can leave it. “Little is there – whoever hears

Repetition: List of rooms, local adult, stay in place, apple pear.

He has no keys, and you are not at home

You can’t get your keys.

You can get access to communication.

Further actions of the child.

  • It’s not a problem.
  • Algorithm with a leaflet and calls to proxies. It is much better than a heavily drinking relative.
  • Something will be duplicated.

It is clear.

What is important here? It is important to all participants. A phone to the phone. Moreover, this should not be done if the phone is on the phone. Example: The phone is on the legs. You remaining charge from the battery.

Get in touch every two hours, with an interval of 5-10 minutes. 13:00 – call, 13:10 – repeat. 15:00 call, 15:10 repeated, etc.

We look at the situation from the parent. I woke up in the hospital (entrance, forest, abandoned construction site). He looked at his watch and realized what was going on. You can’t get to the bottom of this situation. Does the phone keep in touch and charge? Call through the list, ask for help. Phone dead? Get to the people, call the paper list .. and so on.

The child is gone

The child is still gone. I left home to school and never returned. He doesn’t get in touch.

There are four options.

  • Option One – child stolen for the purpose of redemption. The kidnappers themselves should get in touch.
  • Therefore, it was stolen. In this case, the account goes to the minutes and hours. I will not be able to make a consensus.
  • The third option is child lost. If you are a woman, he has to go on it.
  • The fourth option – the child left the house independently. The Romance or the Wander.

Since you probably don’t know what it’s about.

He is sleeping, he is sleeping on the sofa, or he is playing computer. There is a number of ways to get your phone numbers. This does not mean interrogation with addiction! It means – be a friend to him. He will not be afraid. He went for a walk to the lake.

Do you understand why? Those. I’m not seeing him today (we’ve been in liar and a coward!), I’m not saying it in the morning! “The principle is clear?

Now specifically about the search.
It is a hairy dressing, it is a hairy dressing, a hairy dressing, a shouting “where you are!”

  • It is a BOY HAS BEEN FALLED (GIRL). Print and put in the bedside table. Electronic version of the ad. So as not to spend too much time later. Writing in the ad. This is a person who is missing today. Will be more attentive.
    Describe signs, first name, last name, ways of communication.
  • Sew on retroreflective stripes on clothes, shoes and baby briefcase. Lying on the garbage in the dark. Even with a flashlight. Yes, right now while he is sleeping on the couch. “To help” – will be in exactly half an hour.
  • Prepare for your business.
  • Help in this case. And pre-paint the role. Who will go on foot, search. Who will go to collect foot. Who will provide search engines with hot tea and buns. All the phones. The emotions are over the edge, you can slip something, miss.
    Yes, you can create a headquarters in an apartment! It’s not a problem to pay for mobile phones.
    It will be a little bit more than that.
  • Make a map of the nearest locality. Abandoned places, reservoirs (streams, pits, lakes, rivers), forest areas
  • If you’re on the phone, you’ll find out how to get in touch with all the major shopping centers.

Now – let go of the clock.

If you’re not getting in touch, you’ll begin to act. What if the child just started to play and forget? May be so. Or maybe it’s now a maniac to pieces butchered. Check?

We’re calling you a coordinator. In the meantime, there is a chance. leave the numbers – calmly explain the situation, leave the numbers

We open all computers and laptops. Cooking glue and ads. Expand the map. Arrived search members.

Coordinator – down – down – dist. Dist. Dist.

Time for the deadline All results recorded on paper with the time.


14:52 – number 17 went around square 4, no results. Returns to headquarters (goes to square 5, or leaves the search).
15:00 – number 4 polled the final route 12 (distributed to the drivers of leaflets), there are no results.

On the third day, reduce the number of locations and stopping only on the most suspicious places.

This was the first group of respondents. The half-mad parent. Feelings are feelings, and your arms can hurt. The child may be dehydrated, supercooled, in a severely depressed state, in fright, up to hypovolemic shock. First, a medical examination – then home, in a warm embrace.

Moreover, it finds it inanimate. Until that moment, until the operations team arrives. Traces, body position, that-that. A nightmare, but so necessary.

Author – Artem Gromov

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