Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

If you are interested in combining the comfort of your home with the adventure of being outdoors, you have probably heard of glamping, a new trend that brings more glamor to the campsite. As far as that concept goes, it goes hand in hand with the best items on the market, like luxury tents.

Nobody can make glamor without a perfect place to sleep, and that is why doing an investigation in advance can make a difference.

Why glamping?

This type of luxury camp is exactly the rest you need from your daily and busy life, and you live different adventures while not returning home even more tired than when you left.

The truth is that camping on a regular basis has its charm: it brings you closer to nature, teaches you to trust yourself and to handle with the least amount of tools possible. It is a kind of return to innocence. But it is not always about rest and relaxation, as glamping is. Often, sleeping in a regular tent with little or no installation means working over time to make sure you can still do your business efficiently.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

On the other hand, glamping allows you to go in search of new audacious facts, but with all the comforts of home. Therefore, you will experience excellent accommodation and place your store in an impressive location that will allow you to truly connect with Mother Nature and relax as long as you do.

Glamping not only refers to the chosen facilities, such as cozy beds or delicate bubble baths, but also means choosing to rent a private beach or visit sites with amazing views. As such, glamping can really improve your trip because:

It is a relevant choice.

Instead of buying other tents, by choosing pointed tips or a circular yurt, which are types of tents used by nomadic tribes, you will find that they offer a space decorated with taste, with very comfortable bedding and homely bathrooms.

In addition, a store like this has a much more advantageous cost than sleeping in a hotel that provides the same comfort. But you can also sleep outside and be closer to nature than when you are sleeping in a hotel room, and can constantly emerge in the views that came.

You will get in touch with nature.

If living in the city has become too overwhelming for you, if you are too stressed at work and you definitely need a break from all the negative energy that your restless lifestyle brings, glamping is your chance to recharge your batteries.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

But instead of going to camp regularly and constantly worry about having all the things you need or not, glamping allows you to enjoy your free time.

You will have new experiences

Enrich your life with adventures like:

  • Observation of animals.
  • Canoeing.
  • Hiking.
  • Mountain bike.
  • Rafting.

You can go wherever you want, because glamping has become popular lately, and many countries offer luxury camping holidays for those who are interested; which brings us to our next topic:

Where can you go?

Since the whole concept of camping has changed so drastically, you no longer need to feel uncomfortable in nature and experience new places all over the world. The largest tourism companies around the world have adapted their offer to this new way of camping, and now offer different types of luxurious facilities that also allow people to fully enjoy a complete wildlife experience.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

Basically, you can go anywhere without giving up your comfort at home:

  • Mountain biking in Norway.
  • Observation of animals in Africa.
  • Looking at the stars in the Jordanian desert.
  • Enjoying a private beach in India.
  • A music festival in Europe.

How do you choose a luxury tent?

If you have decided that glamping is the way to go, you will definitely need some nice place to stay at night. But choosing a luxury tent is not an easy job and it is advisable to consider the price more. Of course, these stores are more expensive than their non-luxury counterparts, but an excessively expensive item does not necessarily equal the highest quality of the market. As such, make sure that the store you are going to is:


One of the main advantages of a luxury store is that it is bigger and more resistant, which allows you to have more than just a shelter, but a homely place to rest and relax. You can bathe inside, use the bathroom, sleep comfortably on a high quality mattress or use an improvised kitchen. Even hanging out with the other people you came with is nicer in a comfortable luxury store.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

Therefore, you should consider your height, since you want more than one adult person to be able to stand up instead of bending down when you want to move.

Another thing you should definitely consider is having adequate ventilation, because if you place your tent in a sunny spot, it may get too hot. A pair of decent screen windows is the best option when it comes to staying cool, and you also have the option to cover them if the weather gets worse.


Glamping can help you control the items you carry, but it will not help you control the weather. Therefore, you may have a stormy period that could ruin your outdoor experience if you do not have a tent tough enough to protect you from the weather.

So choose an element that is waterproof, that can withstand the wind and that makes your stay pleasant even when you have to stay.

As such, craftsmanship is really important to examine when going on a long journey, the materials must be first class and the posts should not be easily broken.

Easy to configure

The bottom line is that it is not so luxurious if you have to work for it. Even the most experienced campers have trouble installing or dismounting a tent that does not have an easy setup. So think about the model you’re considering: how long does it take to set it up? Can you do it alone?

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

Do you know what all the parties are for and where they are going? If the answers to the previous questions are affirmative, then you have chosen something excellent.

What are the best items in the market?

All that is said, you can explore the market and choose a luxury tent that suits all the requirements of your camp, as well as your personal style. We have analyzed the best qualified models that meet the above criteria, and this is what we have found:

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe store for 8 people

This $ 645 item is one of the best luxury items you can find, and customers generally give it a 5-star rating of 5. Even if this particular model is made for 8 or more people, you can also choose a version smaller made by the same reliable brand, and choose the models of 4 or 6 people.

To begin with, the height of the roof is 6’6 “feet, which means that most adults do not have to crouch inside, but can stand without problems, and when it comes to durability and labor, the materials used speak for themselves: this store is made of Hydra-Shield with 100% cotton duck canvas material, which is not only waterproof but also breathable and very resistant.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

Apart from this, you can cool off and enjoy a breath of fresh air whenever you want, or even admire the incredible views you have come to, because the Kodiak has two large D-shaped doors in the front and back. , 4 large windows and YKK zippers. In addition to this, it provides funnel flow ventilation that helps you adjust the interior temperature as well as the air flow.

It can even be protected safely against the humid climate inside this tent, since the canvas material from which it is made by hand prevents unwanted condensation. Nor do you have to worry about stormy or windy weather, as the Flex-bow frame has spring-hardened steel rods and steel posts that will keep the store stable. In addition, the floor is made of a resistant vinyl that is resistant to punctures and does not allow water to protrude from the floor.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can buy it at Amazon.

Tent for 8 people Big Agnes Flying Diamond

This model of $ 518.11 Big Agnes is made for 8 people, but also has the options of models of 4 people and 6 people. Its main advantage is its fabric, which makes it comfortable to use throughout the year. Another thing that you will find quite homely is its large main room, which has a door in the back that can also be transformed into two rooms if you are using the dividing wall. As such, you can have your privacy and comfort by making glamor with your friends.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

In addition, this store will give you a breathable place to rest, as it has a polyester stop on the body and a nylon mesh on the windows. In addition, both materials are both resistant and waterproof. You can rely on the strength of its poles, made of lightweight aluminum, which will facilitate the fast installation of the tent.

In addition, it will be well served by the two access doors with vertical zippers that can protect it from storms or provide the necessary shade in a sunny climate. This is definitely a tent that you can consider if you are looking for something really spacious for you and your friends, which gives you the option of reflective cover that improves visibility at night.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it here.

Tent SportZ SUV blue / gray with screen

This spacious tent of $ 363.70 will certainly impress you when it comes to its size, as it has a space of 10 feet, a height of 7 feet and a screen room of 6 feet. It can be used for both camping and low camping, and is very easy to configure, since a single person can do it easily. Its new structure of fiberglass and steel post is very simple to handle, which gives confidence in the strength and durability of this article.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

The SportZ store has this great advantage of additional space that you can use as you please: to sleep or to put your equipment. In addition, it does not have the inconvenience of the store’s zippered doors and allows you to transform the vehicle’s tent into a tent on the floor by completely removing the sleeve from the vehicle. In addition, your screen room can also be removed, which makes make this store more comfortable

When it comes to your other facilities, we have to mention the bathtub style floor that works together with the rain protection system used to keep it dry even when it rains.

Do you like this product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

Coleman Prairie Breeze Carp

This Coleman $ 268.95 model will provide you with all the comfort and space you need for your camping trip, as it is a rugged element that easily covers a large enough sleeping area for up to 9 people. When it comes to the protection against the weather that it provides, the main seams of the fly show a great dexterity, and its LED lighting system helps to maintain a cozy space for everyone.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

As such, since it can accommodate at least 7 people inside this store, you can be sure that no member of the family or friend will be left out. But that does not mean you have to give up your privacy, as it is large enough to accommodate the people and equipment you want, and you can also divide the tent into two rooms.

In addition, the materials are really qualitative, even if the price is not as high as that of other luxury items, which ensures that you will reside safely in a waterproof tent with many windows that make the flow of air uniform. However, it only has one door and some people may consider that a disadvantage when it comes to their ventilation requirements. Another drawback is that a person can not assemble the tent on its own and this takes a little more time.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Cabin shop Coleman Instant 10 people

This second Coleman store that we have reviewed costs $ 299.95 and has 2 rooms, which means it is wide enough. Being so large allows you to accommodate queen size beds for four people. Its central height reaches 6’4 feet and, unlike the previous model of Coleman, this article promises an easy configuration that lasts less than a minute.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

In addition, you can use it regardless of the weather, as it is equipped with a WeatherTec system and a ventilated rain fly. This system is made of polyester and has a non-slip thread, zippers and straps that work together to protect it from rain.

In addition, when it comes to their craft work, Illumine reflective lines are a favorite feature of many reviewers, but the design of the latest generation of its poles is also easily noticed, since they are in one piece and are pre-installed, which facilitates assembly and has no parts that can get lost or lost.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

Tazark Gear Ozark store

This $ 279.99 model is definitely one of the largest luxury tents, as it has enough space for 16 people. In addition, you can easily configure it, it has many windows, a screen room and a main room that makes it a very breathable, comfortable and homelike model perfect for resting.

This tent comes with stakes, poles, rain fly and tether ropes, all made of first platform materials, which are tough enough to withstand the weather for 3 seasons. In addition, it has a central height of 7 feet to allow everyone to move easily inside it, its body is made of 1200 mm for durability and the canopy of the fly can be extended over the front door to provide additional coverage.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

In addition, most reviewers are very happy with their flight features that have a sunscreen that reflects sunlight and keeps the temperature inside in a cool range even if it’s hot outside. Other people are also delighted with the floor, as it is made of a tough plastic material that looks like canvas, which makes the store very stable.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it on Amazon.

Slumberjack Grand Lodge Tent for 8 people

This $ 399.99 model is another great option because it meets most of the criteria required for a good luxury tent. First, it is made of 40D polyester and the poles are a combination of steel and fiberglass that check the quality of the manufacture. In addition to this, it is very broad, with an area of ​​156 feet and a height of almost 9 feet.

That makes it a spacious tent that can be divided into two compartments, but you will also enjoy ample storage space on each tent wall. In addition, it has six windows and two doors to keep the temperature comfortable, although it is warmer outside. The materials from which it is made confirm that the store will remain stable and dry during storms.

Luxury Camping Tents: From Camping to Glamping

When it comes to its drawbacks, assembly may not be so easy for inexperienced campers, but once it’s up you can be sure it’s strong and rugged enough. However, at the sale price offered, this store can be a good investment.

That said, there is no magic list of camping items to fully guarantee the success of your camping trip, but careful planning ensures that you are getting very close to that ideal, and a nice luxury tent certainly puts the glamor in glamping.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

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