M1 Abrams Block III: a ship

In the early eighties Pentagon for the ground forces. For several purposes, including the main tank.

It has been developed for a combat vehicle. M1 Abrams. It was taken into account.

Project M1 Abrams Block III

It was the creation of a liquidation system. It’s not a problem. . In addition, it was possible to simplify the process.

Main tank M1 Abrams Block III, as conceived by the designers of the company General Dynamics Land Systems, For American tank building. It is a relatively large volume. It could be used as a vehicle. It was possible to improve the protection of tankers.

The engine and transmission were located in the rear of the hull. This is not the case.

SRV Experimental Machine

In the mid-1983, the construction of the first experimental machine, called Srv (Surrogate Research Vehicle). A machine Srv The corps. The main purpose of the test Srv It was working out on the hull. The basis for the experimental machine Srv it became the tank chassis M1 Abrams. During construction Srv The base body has undergone noticeable changes. The hull had to be significantly lengthened. The power plant and chassis remained the same. On the pursuit mounted weight imitator turret monitors assembly. According to some reports, later the car Srv equipped with a laser system.

Crew accommodation in TTB

Tests of the experimental machine Srv It is a matter of course. The main advantage of this is the level of crew protection. In addition, the placement of other units was simplified. The gunner has been the vehicle. However, these terms did not stop the project.

The first prototype of the new tank – TTB

At the end of the tests of the experimental machine Srv started the construction of a new prototype. The basis for the experimental prototype Ttb (Tank test bed) it became the tank chassis M1 Abrams, refined according to machine testing experience Srv. A machine Ttb It was not shown that it was not the case. The M256 is a 120-mm smooth-bore gun mounted on an original prototype.

XM-91 automatic loader

Inside the car body Ttb were units of automatic loader. 44 unitary shells were placed in a double-row carousel shop with a vertical arrangement of cells. It was necessary to remove the line.

This was a piece of sighting equipment. In this case, it was necessary to use video cameras.

Prototype tests Ttb passed in the late eighties. This was a concept for a new vehicle. However, it was necessary to continue research and design work. Needed elements of refinement.

Increased tank firepower

M1 Abrams Block III, a significant increase in firepower. American gunsmiths worked on the project of promising smooth-bore guns XM291, having a caliber 140 mm. Gun itself, automatic loader for it (XM91) and a family of 140 mm ammunition developed under the project ATAC. Use cannon XM291 could lead to a significant increase in combat capabilities of the tanks. So, the muzzle energy of the gun XM291 was about twice that of M256. In combination with the family of new ammunition, this was to significantly improve the performance of armored vehicles.

Having a greater muzzle energy in comparison with existing weapons, the gun XM291 was noticeably lighter. Weight difference XM291 and M259 exceeded 90 kg. The design of the 140-mm guns allowed. After a relatively quick procedure XM291, could use standard 120mm ammunition. An automatic loader was created for use with this gun. XM91.

More on ATAC firing system

The 140-mm gun HM-291, with a bolt

System 140-mm smooth-bore perspective tank gun (ATAC) consists of a gun XM-291, automatic loading system HM-91 and a family of 140-mm ammunition.

It was expected that the system ATAS will battlefield battle tank M1 Abrams Block III Demonstration of armored systems.

System ATAS was installed on a test bench of advanced technology elements (CATT-B). It was created on the tank chassis. M-1A1 Abrams and in addition to the system ATAS had a promising unified powerplant system (AipsMulti-sensor device for detecting the “Rockwell” target (Rockwell) based on CDC ADA There are also ways to protect the fire control system.

CATT-B system ATAS installed in the upgraded M-1 turret on the standard chassis of the M-1 tank. It is also distinguished from the developed Benet laboratories automatic loader, modified electronic equipment for tank fire control M-1A1, Rockwell multi-sensor target detection deviceRockwell), the M-1 and the new computer control of the fire. The gunner is taken to the loader.

140mm gun HM-291 It is a powder coater, it is a heat gun and it is a 120-mm gun. M-256, installed in modern tanks M-1A1 and M-1A2 Abrams. It is a 91-mm gun. M-256.

With a simple barrel replacement, it can also be a 120mm solid ammunition.

During the automatic loader HM-91, developed by US laboratories by the Benettland Army, The camera will be able to move the camera. This is a pattern that turns you forward.

Breech breech taking it out. Loading door closes. This is a reloading hole for the automatic loader.

The ammunition transfer mechanism was developed by Lockheed Martin (Lockheed martin) with an ammunition of ammunition installed for the immediate use, which contains 17,120-mm or 140-mm rounds;

Brunswick Defense).

Ammunition Family System ATAS consists of three shells: kinetic shells HM-964, cumulative projectile HM-965 and training equipment HM-966 for both shots.

Each shot consists of a projectile and a charge. The charge, which is identical to the standard 120-mm sleeve, is a combination of the bottom of the wall, a combintible side wall, and a propelling charge.

The final of the project M1 Abrams Block III

Abrams Block III project was suspended and then discontinued. It was decided to further develop its existing machines. This is a 140-mm gun XM291. It doesn’t matter



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