M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon – a weapon for survival of military pilots

I see in the eyes of regular readers a dumb question “somewhere I have already seen it.” Yes, he is very surprised, but M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon looks a lot like a survival weapon for X-Caliber, about which we once wrote. In fact, it is the “X-Caliber” that is an expanded copy of the M6.

M6 Aircrew Survival Rifle, as the name implies, it is intended for the survival of the US Air Force flight team in the event of unforeseen landings on hostile territory, or away from possible assistance, where it was necessary to hold out for a while alone.

Need to have in flight NAZ such a survival weapon It was discovered in the years of the Second World War, but until the end of the war, military pilots had to use regular military weapons to survive in an emergency. And only in 1948, the command of the Air Force put in front of the gunsmiths to develop weapons that could be included in the “wearable emergency stock of aircraft crews.”


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