Machete Yacere – highly efficient grinding machine for everything

Not so long ago, the company “TOPS Knives“Released a new hatchet -“Grandpa’s Ax», Developed directly by the father of the president of the company Leo Espinoza. The experience turned out to be successful, so now “Yacare” – barong-style machete (a machete form popular in the Philippines) from the company’s general director, Craig Powell, is next in line.

The unusual parameters of “Yacare” allowed to turn it into a highly efficient machine for grinding everything that comes to hand. Blade length – 10 inches (25 cm), steel – 1095, blade thickness – 3/16 inch (almost 0.5 cm). The slightly convex cutting edge imitates a leaf-shaped blade, typical of the barong style. And despite the fact that “Yacare” weighs only 17.7 ounces (about 500 grams), it is equally well suited for cutting as well as for cutting. And it is not inferior to the heavier models produced by the company “TOPS Knives

In general, it is difficult to work in a company that produces knives, and never try yourself in this field. According to Powell, “Yacare” is not his first project, but it is he who can be considered the most successful option, which was spent the most time and effort.

Despite the fact that Powell can easily identify any of the 250 knives produced by the company, he still needed help in translating the concept of his machete into reality. Leo Espinoza and tester Joe Flowers took a personal responsibility.

“Leo explained the basics to me and showed me exactly what to start with, and Joe agreed to take several models with him to the jungles of Colombia to check them in real life.”

It was necessary to correct quite a lot – to improve the balance, to refine the handle, to reduce the weight, to work a little over the cutting edge, but on the whole the design and shape turned out to be quite successful.

If the market accepts the new “Yacare”, then Powell will continue to work on his other projects and slightly modify the model range of this machete. And the chance is pretty big.

There is a huge amount of different machetes. Why it is necessary to give preference to this is not clear. Behind him there is neither a big name, nor any special “know-how”, nor a stunning design. An ordinary survival knife, not the best, relatively reliable. But … Let’s just say, the official website has already dropped 50 bucks from the original price. But to pay even $ 200 for something so ordinary … In short, an amateur. And lovers, which is typical, are.

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