Magnesium shavings in a survival kit, the use of shavings to facilitate the production of fire from sparks obtained using a flint.

To facilitate the production of fire from sparks obtained using a flint, magnesium shavings can be used if necessary. Not even that. And so it is possible and necessary to use magnesium chips when producing fire from sparks of flint. The burning temperature of magnesium reaches almost 3000 degrees Celsius, which allows you to instantly dry and set fire even a wet tinder. 

Magnesium shavings in a survival kit, using shavings to facilitate the production of fire from sparks produced by a flint.

Magnesium chips are ignited by a spark even when wet. It can be used with either natural origin or artificial or self-made tinder..

The use of magnesium shavings to facilitate the production of fire from sparks.

Prepare a place to fire. Lay the tinder. Depending on the quality and dryness of the tinder used, cut the right amount of shavings from the magnesium bar to the tinder. You will learn to define it after a little practice intuitively. Place the flint core in the center of the slide of magnesium chips and ignite magnesium and tinder with a spark from the flint. Perhaps the normal course of the process of producing fire will be greatly interfered with by the wind. It can blow small and light magnesium chips in different directions. Therefore, take care in advance to find or build wind protection..

Using magnesium chips will become much more effective if you first cut it separately. For example, on a dry leaf or on a piece of tree bark, and only then pour onto a tinder with a dense pile. Then the whole mass of chips will ignite as one and facilitate the production of fire. Magnesium chips are produced industrially in the form of bars. It is sold in specialized stores both in the form of separate, independent compact magnesium bars, and immediately with a ferrocerium rod attached to one side of the bar.

The second embodiment will undoubtedly be more convenient to use. It remains only to choose the necessary size of the magnesium bar suitable for your needs, and check the quality of the rod to the magnesium block. In most cases, the ferro-cerium alloy rod is simply glued to the bar, and by no means always with glue of the proper quality.

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