Magnum Stealth II Leather Boots

After my daily Magnum Stealth II leather boots survived. I bought them about three years ago solely because of the modest price. And, surprisingly, never regretted. It sometimes happens that you don’t live half a year.

Magnums honestly served for three years. Moreover, it flows through buildings, forests, fields, and swamps. During these three years, it was a standard for use. Demolished sole. Actually, that’s why I stopped wearing them in the city. It is very clear. Worn inner lining around the heel. Actually, this eventually emerged in the demobilization of boots.

What were you, of course, were you? In the campaigns, they are not very spoiled.

The sole is not slippery. Of course, it’s not worth it. Conclusion – Magnum Stealth II Leather Boots are a great value for money. In my sophisticated opinion, even with a margin in quality. It is worth noting that you can use it. In general, it is very common.

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