Mail bombs and souvenir bombs, explosive items, mail terror.

It may happen that death comes to your house itself. The feet of the postman who brought the parcel or even the letter. This is the so-called postal terror. When guarded grenades or bombs are placed in parcels, a check from which is attached to the lid. 

Mail bombs and souvenir bombs, explosive items, mail terror.

Removing the cover, you pull out the check and … And in the letter the caring hand of the terrorist sticks a thin sheet of plastic explosive that will at least tear your hands off. Letters and parcels are sent to random addresses. Mail explosions were already booming in many countries of the world. It happened with us. While at the level of criminal showdowns. The chances of receiving such a message are negligible, but they cannot be ruled out. Therefore, I advise.

artifice. For the sake of achieving their goals, they can be capable of more. For much more. There is a known case when a Syrian terrorist presented an Irish girl pregnant with him with a doll stuffed with explosives. And having bought a ticket, with a light heart put her on a plane! So he got his carried a bomb into the plane.

Souvenir bombs.

Such bombs are usually camouflaged under some attractive gizmos. It can be anything: a purse, a trinket, a fountain pen, a whistle, a smoking pipe, a cigarette case, an uncanny can of beer, cigarettes, etc. Such a bomb works when you pick it up, open it (handbag, cosmetic bag, wallet, etc.), open it (can beer, a pack of cigarettes), remove the cap from the handle, try to blow the whistle, etc. Most often, such “surprises” attract the attention of children. The terrorists are counting on their curiosity. Why often bombs are laid in toys. Such a child’s death causes a resonance no less than a bus explosion.

Teach children not to pick things up on the street. Even if it is a golden Mickey Mouse figurine: And do not pick it up yourself. In an extreme case (if you are not sure of the strength of your conviction) you need to teach the children to first throw stones at such a find, move it with a long stick, and then without fail, even for a prize in the form of a cake, bring it to adults. At the same time, I note that every child, especially a teenager, is a potential guerrilla guerrilla. Because it drags everything into the house whatever it gets. Secretly, along unpaved paths, bypassing the parental cordons, and then…

Explosive objects.

And drag, by the way, is that! The possibilities of garbage bins and garbage cans have gone far ahead compared to the times of your youth. Now, a combat grenade thrown during a police raid by criminals can be found on the doorstep of your home. I’m not talking about abandoned and plundered military facilities, so attractive to an inquiring children’s mind. Therefore, one must be very vigilant. Know where your son is running. Notice when he drags a hand grenade launcher into the house from an abandoned army warehouse. Do not miss the question: what will happen if a grenade pulls such a ring from a wire?

And do not stop in front of the capital “shmons” of the children’s room if you suspect something is amiss. What to search? Explosive objects. For example, anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. And so that you do not refer to ignorance, look at how they look in the picture. You can find out what mortar mines and shells look like by watching news releases. Where do these ammunition come from? I have already spoken from abandoned army depots and from the territories of disbanded military units. From landfills that your children are much better aware of.

From the places of past battles, Where, if you dig, you can find anything. Any such toy can tear apart your apartment. And smash your son to shreds. It’s me that you have the full moral right to conduct secret searches. For his own good. Children’s “terrorism” is, of course, not the terrorism we are talking about. But I mentioned it all the same in this article, including because the child can not find and drag the infernal car into the house.

And at the suggestion of some uncle who could not figure out how to bring a bomb into his house, go unnoticed, and therefore “threw” it away. Doubt it? Then remember the pregnant Irish doll. Keep track of your children. Experience, including post-war ones, shows that children die most often and most of all from accidental explosive objects. They are very curious.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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