Maintenance of horses. Popular misconceptions

Sly humanity has long been noticed. Previously, animals were tamed for this, now I use special mechanisms and tools. However, even in times of scientific development, many old human developments remain still relevant. If they are animals, they are easier to maintain, they are completely autonomous. Horses for themselves, they are obedient, relatively unpretentious. Ideal for comfortable group survival in rural areas. But in keeping horses it seems as if it’s not a first glance. That’s what we talk about today. Let’s start with the horses and, accordingly.

Horse expensive to keep

If it is about keeping horses for Ponte – yes. If we are talking about the harsh half-breed, then no. Actually, what is needed for horse feed: summer – grass, in winter – hay. The diet can be supplemented with oats and other grains. It is not necessary to take care of it. In terms of survival, you can be at hand.

Horse is hard to keep

It is not necessary for anyone else. So for them is yes, it’s a problem. For those who are tamed – nothing complicated. Bring to pasture regularly. Once a day, issue two or three buckets of water. Periodically clean the horse itself and its hooves. In bad weather – to get under a canopy. In winter – periodically taken away horse breeders, up to an hour

The horse is not needed

Yeah of course. It is a clear concept that it can be used as a rule. a car stuck in shit, which some people call “roads” “. It is in the village horse maintenance justified by all 146 percent. And one is enough for several courtyards. From the personal experience, one yard is enough for 50. Well, as you have been …

Man has no right to exploit animals! It’s cruel!

A man does not have one right – to be an asshole. It is a woman who lives in the sea. It also includes the rules of human life. Why don’t people have that right? We are stronger. Why should we not have them? “That’s what you’re trying to do!” ”With horses in the same way. They work for us, we appreciate and respect it. And there will be a horse in death. This is an extremely expensive tool.

Horse blunt

You can’t call them stupid. They are well aware of intonation and attitude. A horse can be controlled by whistling, even without using a harness and bit. Of course, it’s not gifted. In addition, each horse has a peculiar personality, habits, addictions, keeping and breeding. Taller, heavier and more phlegmatic. If you’re a horse, you’re not really happy, you’ll be able to go for a walk.

As you can see. the rules of ignorance keeping horses. Of course, it’s not necessary.

Maintenance of horses. Popular misconceptions

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