Making a camping structure that combines a cloak, tent and bed.

You can prepare for an overnight stay in the forest in advance, having independently made a simple hiking structure, which will be a combination, as they often say, of three in one, and combine at the same time a cloak, tent and bed. 

Making a camping structure that combines a raincoat, tent and bed.

Such a camp construction, which if necessary can be used as a raincoat, tent or bed, is made of lightweight water-repellent cotton or synthetic fabric. Preferably with refractory impregnation. It consists of two panels 1 meter wide each. Length is determined by the height of the person plus 30 cm.

Layout and dimensions of a marching structure that combines a cloak, tent and bed.

Making a camping structure that combines a cloak, tent and bed.

One of the panels is firmly sewn along the long sides of the lining and sleeves of such a width that it is possible to stick poles with a diameter of 6-7 cm, which are the basis for the folding bed. Sew loops to the corners of the second panel, to which stretch marks will be attached when the tent is mounted, and its side walls to the upper and lower sides.

Along the upper edge of both canvases make a hem for a tightening cord or braid. To fully equip a cloak, you need to sew or fasten the hood. Pulling the tape in the upper part of the canvas, get a cloak with a hood.

When arranging tents and beds, poles are inserted into the sleeves of the cloak, their ends resting on four wooden slingshots driven into the ground. This will be a cot type bed. The second panel must be pulled over the bed so that a canopy is obtained, which serves to protect from wind and rain.

Arrangement of tents and beds from cloak panels.

Making a camping structure that combines a cloak, tent and bed.

For pulling and securing the canvas of the tent at the right angle, two stake need to be driven into the ground. Their height is determined depending on the angle of inclination of the canopy. Having tied the cords from the cord or paracord to the loops, pull them through the tops of the stakes and attach them to small pegs driven into the ground. If it is not supposed to rain, it is not necessary to make a canopy over the bed, you can hide with a free sheet like a blanket.

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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