Making a knife sheath of leather, wood or plastic with your own hands

A knife is an indispensable attribute for every hunter, fisherman, tourist and mushroom picker. Therefore, many people are interested in how to make a knife sheath – the tool should be securely fixed in order to reduce the risk of losing it, but at the same time a few moments should be taken to extract it. Experienced craftsmen can make the sheath of birch bark, leather, plastic, wood and other materials. Let’s tell in more detail how to make a knife sheath with your own hands.

  • Sheath for a knife made of leather do it yourself
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  • 3How to make a plastic sheath

Sheath for a knife made of leather do it yourself

Leather is one of the most sought after materials in the manufacture of classic scabbards. It is easiest to work with it, so even beginners usually do not have problems in making their own leather sheath. You can easily adjust the sheath to a specific tool, ensuring reliable fixation.

leather sheathBefore you begin work, you need to take care that you have on hand the following tools and materials:

  • A4 sheet of paper;
  • high-quality, well-made leather;
  • strong thread or thin cord;
  • glue for genuine leather, preserving elasticity after drying;
  • office cutter and scissors;
  • Scotch;
  • awl for sewing (with a hook);
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • sandpaper medium grain.

Now, get down to work:

  1. Attach the knife blade to the paper and circle a pencil – with a margin of 2-3 millimeters on each side (correction for the thickness of the knife).
  2. Reapply the knife to the paper and now circle the whole knife, not just the blade.
  3. Cut both “blanks” and glue together with scotch tape – check whether the knife enters the paper sheath. If yes – go to the next item. If not – do the previous paragraphs again, making the necessary amendments.
  4. Disconnect the “blanks” and attach them to the skin, then circle and cut.
  5. Immerse the short form in hot water (not boiling!) And hold for 5-7 minutes – the skin will become soft and supple. Press it against the blade of the knife and the parts of the handle, then fix it with a cord or clothespins. It should dry out and take on a suitable shape – usually it takes several hours or even the whole night.
  6. Make holes in the finished billet using awl.
  7. Attach the workpiece to the second and with a pencil through the holes mark the points – here also make holes.
  8. Fold the protrusion on the long blank in half, under the belt, and sew to form a loop. You can make it wide or narrow – to your taste.
  9. Stitch two blanks carefully.
  10. Sand the outer seam to eliminate any unevenness and burrs.

The simplest leather sheath is ready! You can be proud of them, as well as the fact that they are able to make a knife sheath with their own hands.

leather sheath

Wooden sheath

You will need the following tools and materials:

  • two plates suitable for the size of the knife;
  • high-quality glue (suitable “moment”);
  • jigsaw;
  • knife;
  • small chisel;
  • clothespins;
  • thin leather or suede.

This is a more difficult option – working with wood is much more difficult. Therefore, only a relatively experienced craftsman can make a wooden sheath for a knife with his own hands.

Stock up on everything you need, start working:

  1. Attach the knife to the planks and circle about 5-7 mm indented on each side.
  2. Saw off excess, process external part.
  3. Attach the blade to the planks from the inside and circle 1-1.5 mm indented on each side.
  4. Using a chisel, remove the wood to a depth of 2/3 of the thickness of the knife.
  5. Cut out matching pieces of leather or suede and glue into the notches in the sheath.
  6. Apply “Moment” glue around the perimeter to both parts of the sheath. Let the glue grab for 5-7 minutes, then tightly but gently, so that the wood does not crack, press together and fix with clothespins or a cord for a day.

Wooden sheath for a knife ready! If desired, they can be sheathed outside with leather – as described in paragraph about making leather sheath – to be able to wear them on a belt. In addition, you can put a pattern on a wooden sheath – carving or a usual marker, oil paints. The only thing that can limit you here is your own fantasy.

Wooden scabbard

How to make a plastic sheath

It is relatively easy to make a knife sheath out of plastic with your own hands – it is easier than wood. But for this you need to have certain tools. For work we need:

  • knife;
  • drill;
  • saw;
  • plastic pipe;
  • riveter riveter;
  • sandpaper;
  • fastener for a belt (you can use just a narrow strip of leather);
  • construction hair dryer.

This set is not in every household. But if everything you need is at hand – you can start making a knife sheath.

  1. Saw a piece of plastic pipe – the length should be 1-2 centimeters longer than the blade of the knife and that part of the handle that you plan to “drown” in the sheath.
  2. Saw the pipe along.
  3. Heat the workpiece thoroughly with a building hairdryer set at 400 degrees. Remember to use protective gloves to avoid serious burns.
  4. When the plastic warms up, becomes soft and pliable, insert a knife into it, just as far as it should go when carrying it, and crimp the pipe, giving it a suitable shape.
  5. Allow the plastic to cool, harden.
  6. Cut off the excess – in length and width. Pencil designate the places in which the rivets will be inserted – the optimal distance is 1-2 centimeters.
  7. Carefully drill the designated places with a thin drill. If you want to get a loop for carrying on a belt, fold the piece of leather in half and also make a pair of holes in it to attach to the sheath with rivets.
  8. Insert bartacks into the holes and use the riveter to lock them.
  9. It remains only to paint the sheath in the appropriate color. Of course, black looks the most elegant and stern. But bright colors – red, orange, blue – are more noticeable. If suddenly you lose a knife with a scabbard in thick grass, it will be much easier to find them.

plastic sheathThat’s all. Now you know the whole procedure and, if you wish, you can easily make exactly the sheath you need.

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