Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

Have you seen all the people walking today with those fun rope bracelets? You have probably seen many people with these bracelets but you really did not know what they were or why they wore them. If you’re like a lot of normal people, you probably assumed it was kind of fashionable, like wearing rubber bracelets a couple of years ago. The truth is that these bracelets have become a fad, but in reality they started with a very real purpose. That purpose is a great reason for you to also have one of those bracelets.

The bracelets that you have been seeing are not actually made of rope but of something called parachute rope and are actually very simple to make. You do not need much artistic skill or a lot of skill to do it.

Therefore, you can express your individuality through some color options and it will also be protected (of which we will talk a little later). That’s because there is actually a purpose for these bracelets, or at least, before they started to take off as a fashion piece. Now, not all parachute cord bracelets are useful for what they were designed for. Some only have the design and none of the purposes.

What is the use of parachute rope bracelets?

Actually, a bracelet with a parachute cord was created to ensure that you always have a rope with you in case of an emergency situation. It has been used by soldiers, firemen and other outdoor enthusiasts for several years, but only recently has it begun to catch ordinary people as a simple fashion statement.

Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

The true purpose of these wristbands is that the wearer has enough cable to be able to stay alive in an emergency situation until help can arrive. In total, there are usually around 10 to 12 feet of rope in each bracelet, which translates into enough for your survival needs.

The cord of the parachute on a wristband can help you build a bow and arrow, a fishing line or traps to catch food, start a fire to keep warm, create a tourniquet or a splint in case of injuries, and serve as laces of boot, belts or makeshift suspenders.

You can even use the cable to help create your shelter and repair the equipment. If you manufacture or purchase an official parachute bracelet, you can also use the metal clip on the bracelet for things like closing your backpack or repair tools. If you are the type of person who travels a lot, there really is no reason not to have one of these tools with you at all times.

Why make your own parachute rope bracelet?

If you really want a parachute rope bracelet, the best thing you can do is make yours. Sure you can buy them almost anywhere, but you really do not know what you get when you buy one (unless you buy at an outdoor supply store).

Not only that, you will spend much more when you try to buy a prefabricated bracelet than you would if you only buy the supplies and decide to make your own. Some people think it’s too much time and effort, but you’ll see that when we start talking about it, it’s not that difficult at all. Making your bracelet will only take a few minutes of your time.

Step one: gathering your materials

To make your bracelet you will need approximately 12 feet of parachute rope. The best type to use is what is called 550 paracord. This is the best option because 550 paracord has 7 internal threads, which means it has a rating of 35 pounds.

The outer part of the paracord, what is called the pod, has a value of 300 pounds. This means that you can lift a lot of weight with your cables and you will not have to worry about them breaking. The highest ratings are those that most professionals (such as soldiers) wear on their wristbands. You can choose any color you want for your bracelet, as this will not be related to general uses.

Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

Another piece that you will need is a buckle. You can choose from a variety of different buckles, but the most common for an average person is the one you see in the childrens belts. You can get them in plastic or metal according to what you want for your style. These buckles will not be useful for you for any purpose other than holding your bracelet so you do not have to worry about buying a metal bracelet just because you want to use it as a tool. These types of buckles are not going to be used that way.

Finally, you will need scissors to cut your cords and a lighter to tie the ends once they have been cut. Because of this, you can not allow your children to make these wristbands completely by themselves (although kids really like these wristbands). You will have to help them at least with some of the parts at the end where they will need to suture the ends of their paracord. Most likely they can create the design for themselves.

Step two: starting

The first thing you should do is attach the buckles to your paracord. You want to fold the cord in half and then pass it on the first side of the buckle. You are going to make a sliding knot around the bar at the base. So once you’ve slipped the folded piece over the buckle, simply place the loose ends of the wire through the loop you’ve made and pull it out.

Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

To place the second half of the buckle, you will slide it over the loose ends of your cable. Wrap the cord around your wrist and move the second piece to where it should be so you can hold the bracelet. You can do it however loose or tight you want on your wrist. Once you have done this, simply fold the rest of the cable so that it is towards the other half of the buckle. You are ready to start weaving the bracelet.

Step three: unite everything

What you want to do next is take those loose ends and separate them. So let’s say you’re looking at the image above. On the left side you have the two loose ends of your cable. You are going to separate them so that they are on one side of your bracelet. Therefore, the cord that is on the left side will go to the left of the bracelet and the cord on the right side will go to the right of the bracelet. Now take the two wires and make a single knot behind the two core wires. This is what will keep your bracelet together.

Once you have tightened the knot (pulling the two loose strands), you want to cross the right cord over the two center pieces so that it forms the cross of a “T”. Pull the left cord straight so that it crosses over the top of the right cord, place it under the two center pieces. There will be a loop on the right side where the right cable crosses the center, pass the left cable through that hole and pull both loose wires hard to tighten your new knot.

Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

Step four: keep going

Your next step will be to do the same on the opposite side. That means that, this time, it will take the left cord and wrap it around the center pieces so that it forms a “T”. Now take the right cord and lower it down over the top of the left cord to cross. Place the same straight cord behind the two center pieces and go through the loop that formed when you formed your “T”. The knot should look opposite to the one in the image above. Then, all you need to do is pull the two cords.

Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

To create a complete bracelet, you only have to alternate between knotting to the left and knotting to the right. You can continue the pattern until you finally reach the bottom of the cable. Look at the entire bracelet to make sure your pattern looks good. If you forget to alternate the side that you are crossing and tying, you will not have a constant pattern and you can tell where you went. It is very easy to undo the knot (this type of cable does not keep tight on its own) and try again.

Stop knotting when you reach the end of the bracelet. It should have only a little extra wire (not enough to tie another knot anyway). This is when you want to take the two loose laces and pull them through one of the knots on the back of the bracelet. This will help keep them tight and ensure that the wristband does not fall while you are wearing it. At the same time, it does not seal the bracelet too well so you can separate it if you need to use the cable.

Step five: tying it

The last thing you should do is make sure your cable will not unravel. After all, the cut end of a piece of paracord is not very resistant at all and will start to get rid of quite easily. So you need to cut the extra ends of your cable (up to about? “). Once you’ve trimmed the ends, you’ll want to open them in. The ends will be worn out, but this is exactly what you want to seal your wires the right way to Do not fray in the future.

Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

Next, look for the internal strands of your cable. Usually, they will be white, compared to the colorful cord you used to make the bracelet. These internal strands will also make it more difficult for you to seal the ropes, so be sure to cut them. Do not you need to unravel everything? “From the cable you left. You just want to separate the end and then cut a small section of the white string inside.

Once you have removed the white center section of your paracord, you will be ready to burn the edges together. This is a step that an adult will definitely have to do, since they will have to use the lighter and touch the hot burned edges of the cable. Make sure you are taking control during this step if your children are making their own paracord bracelets, since it is very easy to get burned during this step if you are not careful with what you are doing or how you are doing it.

Step six: closing the ends.

Take your lighter and burn the ends of your bracelet so that the loose strands begin to melt. The cable will not catch fire, so you do not need to worry about burning the entire bracelet. Instead, the outer layer of the paracord will begin to melt. That’s why it’s important to burn only the strands in the loose ends. Once the ends start to melt, you will want to turn off the lighter and put them together against the side of your lighter or other hard surface. Be careful what you use, since hot wires could melt your table or any type of plastic.

You should also be careful not to burn your fingers, which is very easy to do with the hot wire. Be sure to press the strands together while holding them so that they melt together. If you do not need to do this step again, make sure you are solving it correctly. Once the cable has melted and cooled down (this will only take a few seconds), you will have to remove it from the lighter (since it will melt to the side of the lighter). All you have to do is turn the lighter lightly and the paracord will come out immediately.

Making it unique

If you are interested in creating something a little different from what most people are using, you can consult some additional bracelet projects. This tutorial is just for making a traditional paracord bracelet, but there are a number of additional patterns you can try and designs that you can use to make the bracelet different from what most people wear. What is great is that your bracelet will still be as useful if you create it in different patterns, it will be a little more unique.

Actually, there are many different ways to use paracord bracelets and many different ways to create them. There are different patterns and styles available, and you can find more versions and ways to mix and match different colors or designs by searching online. Some versions may provide you with a bit more cable due to design needs, but in general, you will have a similar capacity to use the bracelet no matter which one you choose.

Making A Parachute Cord Bracelet: Best Guide from Survival Experts

The first bracelet you make will probably not be that easy. You may end up spending more than a few minutes on it, but it will not take long. Once you learn how to make these bracelets, you can do them very quickly. That means that, if you have a child who really loves these bracelets just because of the design aspect, you can make them in several different colors. Do not forget to explain the purpose of these wristbands also. It really could be important to them someday.

Making a wristband with a parachute cord can be a lot of fun for you and your children. In addition, it is a tool to help you stay safe if you ever have an emergency. Have fun with this and create your own designs or patterns. Experiment with different colors. Have fun. These bracelets could really be a lifesaver for you someday, but in the meantime, they will be very fun to make and they will look pretty good when you wear them too.


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