Making a rope from your own hands

It has been found that it has been found. This article will talk about how harvest willow bark you can then weave rope.

First, you will need to cut down a live willow branch, from 4 to 10 cm thick. Preferential Coverage It is a good idea to take a look at the wilderness of the water. However, it is where the road can be found. As for the specific species, it is not particularly important. More often everyone uses the goat willow or willow brittle. I’ve never really worked with it, although it’s probably going to work out.


There is a lot of juice in it. In this case, the bark of the linden is separated.

Everything is a bit more complicated. If the willow is not burned in a fire. In fact, if it comes to an end. About this method harvesting willow bark we will tell you now.

When I first started experimenting, I tried to heat it. But it was much more convenient to pre-divide the branch into four parts.

We burn branches above the fire. At the same time, it will allow you to control the process. Shows the bark (most importantly – not until the appearance of coal). It has been said that you listened to it.

Willow bark. It is still hot. After that, you can separate the bark from each half separately.

Or you can fold the bark in the center. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

Well, as a result, you get about the following.

Directly cooking willow bark

Then the process goes harvest willow bark. Since it is useless for our purposes. And we are interested in a hard fibrous inner layer, slightly resembling skin.

Only the top layer. But it must be done very carefully. Then break the strip. After that, gently pull on the inside. You will understand that there is a certain angle. It can be seen that it can not be broken.

Continue to separate the layers. Over time, it will get faster and easier.

I’m not protected, so I’m not protected. I was ready to move on to the next stage. willow bark processing. Now willow bark must be thoroughly boiled. For a medium metal bucket, you need 5-6 handfuls.

The willow bark becomes red. The duration of the cooking depends on how you need it. The longer they cook – they will be more elastic. But their strength from this will decrease. For some minutes, I’ll make it harder to bother you. Individual hair curl in willow bark rope.

Hang it up

When will you be ready for making rope from willow bark, Rinse the prepared strips with water until they are soft. And then begin to separate the fibers from them. It will be a bit looser. Repeat until ready.

From hard strips to soft and flexible fibers.

Source – Processing Willow Bark for Cordage

DIY rope. Part 2: Treating willow bark to make a rope

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