Making a stove-stove with their own hands

Potbelly stove. Plain metal stove with a metal chimney. Once the heat of the twentieth century has been used, it has been the case for space heating. Of course, often used during wars. At the posts of the post, in the field of hospitals, in dugouts or in the districts, in train cars. The central heating was turned off.

It is used for the area of ​​up to 15 m2.

The advantages and disadvantages of the stove

The appliance

Positive traits:

  • Material for heating is inexpensive. This is firewood, wood chips, wood chips, sawdust and so on.
  • For the manufacture of stoves you need quite a bit of material compared, for example, with a stone stove.
  • The stove is compact, transportable.
  • It can be installed without a foundation; a capital chimney is also not required.


  • It is not necessary to accumulate heat generated during combustion.
  • The stove consumes fuel. Therefore, the stove should not be used for heating or cooking only periodically.

However, you can cope with the product in this way: Thus, It is necessary to overlay the stove with a brick. Then the heating rate will increase.

Types of burzhuek

Iron or stainless steel. It looks like the stove is a bunker with a firebox door. You can also add an ashpit (with a separate door) and a chimney pipe.


  • Oven with cooking hob for cooking;
  • Oven with hob, oven and hobs;
  • Oven-heater – it is a process that helps to increase heat transfer. In the case of the air flow, the air is sucked in it. It is safe for human surface, which you will not burn. The casing can be steel and ceramic.
  • The gas generator chamber is covered with a gas structure; top – camera afterburner.

Instructions for the manufacture of potbelly metal

The potbelly stove is a barbecue grill. In addition, it can be used for a beer, an old geyser or a propane bottle. But for example, take a milk can.

Manufacturing technology:

  1. It can be punched with a slit for a blower.
  2. It is a chamney which is subsequently installed. Can be made.
  3. Next, it can be used to make a serpentine grate, so that it can be used. It is necessary to experiment, stretching the grate to achieve the most efficient combustion of fuel.
  4. It will be necessary to make your choice.
  5. If you are not bored, do not lower than 13 cm.

The less heat loss. Good tightness of the outdoors structure.

Instructions for the manufacture of potbelly stoves for working

Car waste For example, as a fuel for potbelly stoves to work out. This stove consists of two tanks, a connecting pipe and a chimney. The bottom of the tank is 6 mm.

The connecting pipe should be with a diameter of 100 mm, 4 times the diameter of approximately 35 × 40 cm. 50 mm of the holes for the tube. The heat pipe has been installed above the upper tank. The chimney should be a height of 4 meters and above.

The legs are welded to the bottom of the tank. Hole for air and oil. Connecting pipe + upper tank.

How to use the stove

Through the filler neck, it can be used to reduce the amount of 0.7–2 liters per hour. There are several centimeters below the tank lid. The necklace material is a newspaper, rags or other. They are set on fire, observing safety precautions. Burning is accompanied by a slight buzz. Additionally, you can heat the water and boil water. It is impossible to add. It is required to wait until it cools down, and only after that refuel it.

Fire hazard stove

We didn’t mention another drawback of the stove. This minus is a big fire hazard. It is necessary to eliminate flammable objects, including fuel.

It is strictly not allowed to use acetone, gasoline or other flammable substances in such furnaces.

Do not allow water to enter the oil. In order to avoid carbon monoxide accumulation in the room, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation in the room.

Bushcraft – (eng. bushcraft from bush – bush (wild wilderness) and craft – skill) a set of skills for survival in the wild. It was originally used as a guideline.

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Bushkraft: Making a stove-stove with his own hands

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