Making an “emergency” flash drive in a non-killing case

It is not food and not the money. This is information. If there is information, food and make tools. Books from moisture, dust and sun. Now, whole libraries of your hand. But this only increased their value and need to protect.

Flash drive contents

“Emergency flash drive” – it is not a serious safety net.

It should be saved:

  1. Document scans. Passports, birth certificates of birth certificates, certificates of IP, diplomas, etc.
  2. Legible and clear photos of each family member in full growth. It is useful in the case of searches (making identikit) and identification.
  3. Brief medical history. What are the operations? Scans of prescription drugs that must be taken.
  4. Phone numbers, your doctors, lawyers, colleagues, friends, etc. If you lose your mobile phone, all this data will be lost with it.
  5. Country map and detailed map of the area. Detailed maps can be downloaded online or using the SASplanet program.
  6. Books and reference books:
    • Phrasebook neighboring countries. If you have to go on your own, then you’ll be very useful.
    • Pharmacological handbook: a list of drugs, their purpose and contraindications.
    • A list of diseases, their symptoms and manifestations. In the case of the first manifestations. The doctor may not be near.
    • Encyclopedia of edible and medicinal wild plants in your region.
    • Books on craft, survival and management. Free space on flash drive fill in self-help books and textbooks. It is impossible to make sure that you can. It’s possible to spend some time in the outback. One trip into the city – and you have printed books. At the worst, they can be used in currency barter.


    • All materials are systematized by a personal signed folder. Then it will be archived using a standard for RAR-archiver. This is a primitive case.
    • “Create a document, create a document” Owner.txt “

    Flash drive protection

    Designers have already wondered about creating a waterproof waterproof case for USB flash, but, unfortunately, it’s possible to find out how much it counts. The size of a flash drive. The budget option came in 80 rubles (20 hryvnia, Dnepropetrovsk, summer 2014).

    This case is assembled from a water pipe and two plugs (ask everything in the plumbing shop). Tape or latex tape. The medical ampoule is used.

    Findings. USB stick of hope is justified. The only downside is weight. The contents are damaged. Because of the weight loss, we’ve been sacrificing resistance. For this is quite suitable bottle of vitamins.

    The same strength is much lighter. Low cost homemade products. If you can, it is better to purchase a product from the manufacturer.

    Do &# 171; emergency&# 187; flash drive in a non-killing case

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