Making canned food from game meat, preparing meat, fractional pasteurization of canned food, storing canned food from game meat.

After a successful hunt, the question arises of how to process game meat so that it does not deteriorate during long-term storage. The presence of modern freezers is not a solution to the problem, as game meat that has lain for a long time in the freezer loses both its aroma and many other qualities. Therefore, we have to make canned meat from game. 

Making canned food from game meat, preparing meat, fractional pasteurization of canned food, storing canned food from game meat.

Canned food can be made from the meat of any wild animal. However, it should be borne in mind that very fatty meat conducts heat worse, therefore, the duration of its pasteurization at each stage increases by about half an hour.

, which is convenient in everyday life and in camping conditions.

The essence of the process of preparing canned meat from game is to heat the product for a certain time at high temperature in a hermetically sealed jar. This ensures the destruction of microorganisms and the destruction of tissue enzymes contained in the product, which ensures its long-term storage.

The quality of preserves from game meat and their stability during storage depend on the sanitary and hygienic conditions of preparation. The more meat was contaminated during cutting and transportation, the longer it was stored until preservation, the longer the heat treatment should be.

Preparation of game meat for preservation in banks.

For the preparation of canned canned food, you can use benign meat, including frozen, as well as internal fat. Bones, large tendons and films, bruises, impurities, tissues that have changed color are removed from game meat. The quality of canned food improves if you add pork fat to the meat, but not boar, and especially not bearish.

The meat is cut into pieces of 25-50 g and pre-cooked for 30-40 minutes. In the process of cooking, juice is secreted from meat, canned food is more nutritious. The resulting broth is evaporated to one third of the original volume and added to canned food. The quality of the broth increases if you first digest the bones.

At the same time, cans and lids are thoroughly washed with a hot 2-3% soda solution and washed with hot water, without leaving extraneous odors or cloudy deposits on the glass. Then the cans and lids are boiled for 15-20 minutes.

The meat immediately after cooking is placed in jars, poured with boiling broth, added fat, spices (black pepper, bay leaf, etc.), salted. The jars should be filled to the brim, after which they are hermetically sealed with a metal lid. After clogging, the cans should be checked for leaks. To do this, they are immersed in hot (80-90 degrees) water. Out of leaky cans air bubbles stand out. Such banks should be re-rolled.

Fractional pasteurization of canned game meat.

Hermetically sealed cans are subjected to heat treatment – the most critical technological stage of the process of preparing canned meat from game. At home, a sufficiently reliable way to ensure the destruction of microflora is the so-called fractional pasteurization. To do this, the cans are placed in boiling water for 2-3 hours, thereby achieving the destruction of non-spore microflora.

Then the banks are kept at room temperature for two days. To destroy the spores that have remained viable, the banks are boiled again for 2-3 hours. For greater reliability, this process can be repeated again. The quality of canned food prepared in this way is high..

Storage of canned game meat.

Canned food from game meat is stored at a temperature of 5-10 degrees and below, while it is necessary to periodically look at them, paying attention to swollen or loose caps. When storing cans of canned meat from a game, rust must not be allowed to appear on metal lids. It is undesirable to freeze canned meat, because in this case, the banks, as a rule, burst.

Other ways of preserving game meat.

In addition to preserving game meat in glass jars, which should be carried out under special conditions, there are other ways to preserve game for the future. To them in the first place should be attribution, smoking and drying. Every hunter who goes on a multi-day hunt should be familiar with them..

These methods procure for the future mainly waterfowl. Hunting for it gives rich prey in the warm time, and, in addition, such game after processing does not lose its taste as much as forest or field.

The fresher a bird caught in the hunt, the better its processing results. Therefore, regardless of the chosen method of harvesting, it is necessary to start it as soon as possible after hunting.

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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