Making fire

Getting fire with flint and chair

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! fire prey the good old-grandfather-great-grandfather way flint, that was, read, each of our ancestors in the brake even some 150 years ago. Almost yesterday.

This is the video attached. Woods now damp, chances shredded hurriedly make a fire not too much. I wouldn’t be able to pick up the leaves, I’m not sure what I’ve got. For example, collecting firewood, preparing firewood for the future campfire. We gathered for this?

For the couple, “dry” But …

If I’ve been in the middle of a box, I’m trying to get a little bit more information. , as it turned out. In general, the material received was not particularly enthusiastic. I haven’t gotten worse. But the result is on video.

And then the questions arose: “If you can buy a Chinese ferroceride flint “Chirk” – and the order? Well, on-hre-on ?! “.

In the case of the correctional school, she said: “Yes, I’m not sure,” and already ready the fire? Well, on-hre-on ?! “.

And your question is immediately reset =)

So why bother to have such set with flint

… to a walker, a bushkrafter or a harsh, fragrant survivalist?

My answer is:

Just to have one more. fire skill, when you do not have traditional means. It gives you a piece of iron hitting the spark stone where you can find it in stock. And with this knowledge and skill get fire. For any not needed. And it is not necessary.

ABOUT! No, I forgot: still for fun =)

There are other ways getting fire no matches, lighters, modern ferrocerium flames. It gives you a sense of confidence. Where do you want to go? More it does not give. The ways of non-traditional making fire not. Who does not need it?

How to make a fire in a wet forest?

Spring Forest. Moisturized water Even though it is simply impossible. It is a green grass, it is rarely miraculously survived, it leaves it sagging, saturated with moisture. You can get fire from the resulting ember. Hopelessness …

What would do make a bonfire despite the obvious depressive situation?

First, get some a good piece of birch bark, 5 5 cm or more from it.

Look around. If there are coniferous trees within, then you need lower fragments of branches. A segment of 10-15 cm from the trunk – this is what you need. File, break, chop up several such branches. Cover them to a semi-transparent amber core. It will be beautifully. The water so impregnated with resin will simply not leak. It is excluded. Scrape these resinous hearts on the finest chips. A sharp knife taxis here. Orbangling a knife flint? Not? =)

If you don’t have Let not resinous, but at least dry. We try even more carefully than the “coniferous” version. So, as if from this our life depends. By the way, who knows? … :)))

The more “fluffy”, the thin chips you get, the better. In the photo I frankly shalavil. It is necessary to carefully and subtly. How fluff. In fact, we are now replacing dry grass. It is now, and we need a similar fibrous, highly flammable structure. Here we make it from wood.

It is a woody “fluff”. For a long time, we get a glowing ember.

It is important here that we still can’t make it 100% of the dry grass that has been shredded into “cotton”. tinder, which will be hot to swell in 10-20 minutes. Or longer. Warm up and down, so that it is a nontrivial case.

So, smoldering tinder it is a hole in the middle of the wood shavings. We alternate the hair through the tube with a waving her hand. After 4-5 minutes, we clearly feel the warming of the birch bark tube. This means that it is not hot.

The wilderness trail In the next few minutes. The process is stable. This is a mischief in the fire? It will be pretty broken. And in a situation survival, so also fatal.

But at some point, there’s no problem, but you can’t get confuse with anything. And so, before our eyes flame, still timidly grabbing the bark tube. Uraaaa! Happened!

Wood chips from logs, wood chips from logs and everything seems to be dry. If you have a large piece of birch bark, then it’s hot, “sticky” firewood, so that they do.

Well – is the fire ready? And you said that we will not succeed! =)

And finally …

How to make a fire if the forest is completely wet?

It is also possible to make sure that there is a peace of mind. flint and armchairs. No sooner said than done.

For the base – “fire tube“I took the bark I loved. On the “tow” Everything is not as raw as earth. Although crumpled in hand, they behaved gloomily:

I decided to insure the “dry” branch of larch. It was still wet to the touch. Well, not surprisingly in such weather!

I would find a fit for making a fire stub, they dry up a little. It wasn’t even a little bit crumbling.

If it’s a bit of a stick, it’s cut it out. Pre-rolled bark tube and using burnt tinder all set on fire. And it quickly ignited.

Ps. Already at home, they were found. I used to dry my skin. What would be necessary. But … not useful. And so it went wrong, raw.

Making fire

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