Making multifunctional rope rope from PET bottles

A survivor is a distinguished model for the wives in his pockets. The differences are primarily at the level of thinking. It looks like the stereotypes. And the survivalist looks and thinks: “And how can she come in handy to me?”. And this applies to everything – even ordinary plastic bottles.

Methods of their application are very diverse: water purification, and building material, and much more. If you want to find out how to make it, it’s possible to use it. fishing line. And he didn’t even come to a video about it. Next – the text and words of the author.

This video is about making fishing line from a plastic bottle. Not ribbons, namely ropes. It is a number of restrictions on use.

Screwdriver and a building dryer. Egorov, a lawyer and a lawyer, was a lawyer who edited him.

To begin with a regular plastic bottle. Thickness of the cut line; the tape line is thicker. For example, in the screwdriver cartridge. We stretch it into a rope. The tape must be kept taut. If you let go – the tape will unravel. The tape along the entire length. It is not a spiral, but it doesn’t need disperse. One tip – do not overheat. Polyethylene fluorocarbonate properties. It should be periodically twisted. Everything, rope lineand ready.

If you need a hair dryer and a screwdriver. Using, for example, any tape as a knob, and a cigarette lighter or torch to heat PET tape. But it is better to use a technological tool. It can be made of several layers of PET tape.

Now a few words about the application of such fishing line. This line is perfect for trimmer lawn mowers and mulchers. You can get it. In addition, you can make any. It is much stronger than the load. And thanks to the cylindrical geometry and rigidity – easily passes through the grommet, grooves and sleeves. I am sure there are lots of uses for such a rope. Bowstrings for the guitar. Fishing line in the comments.

The author – Fedor Stepanov

Actually here. A completely ordinary plastic bottle turns into a multifunctional product that can seriously help our brother-survivor life. So you need a strong rope.

Making multifunctional rope rope from PET bottles

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