Maniac with guns and shooting at work: Run, hide or fight?

Tough anti-weapon laws adopted in most civilized countries do not protect us from emergency situations that have become commonplace in our time. We are talking about the shooting situation at work. Maniac with weapons came to the editor of a popular publication to avenge the offensive article. The dismissed worker decided to get even with his former boss. Psycho could not return the girl who had abandoned him, so he decided to shoot her and at the same time her colleagues, among whom could be her lover …

It is known that Psychopaths like to “speak” in public, and when the psycho is armed, he will also try to “remove” the unwitting witnesses of his benefit performance.

One way or another, an emergency at work, with a maniac, weapons, shooting and victims, can happen anywhere and at any time. Survival in such circumstances is quite difficult. People are simply not ready for such a turn of events, there are no means of protection at hand, there is no place to run. A maniac with a weapon in his desire for someone to get revenge cunning, purposeful and not particularly considered with the laws.

The moment when the psycho on the ground of experiences finally “goes to the roof” is only a matter of time. But even to get an illegal firearm, even a fool will succeed. However, it is possible to escape and survive when shooting at work, although, as we said, it is difficult.

But for starters – there are also some preventive measures that will help to avoid the above emergency at work.

What to do in advance?

For starters, you should always remember to be vigilant. Mentally unbalanced colleague reduced – a cause for concern. Negotiations with partners slightly gangster appearance went bad – a cause for concern. The chief, a former Afghan, has been drinking for the joys of divorce for a week now – a cause for great concern.

Always watch out for colleagues. Here it is worthwhile to immediately make a reservation – “to have information” and “to distribute” it are two big differences. Do not think that we incite you to espionage and denunciations. On the contrary … Knowledge is your advantage. And by sharing knowledge, you lose the advantage, in return, attracting unnecessary attention to yourself.

So, it is very useful to know which colleagues know how to handle weapons. Who has a weapon, and who is thinking about acquiring it, in a legal way or … Maybe someone in the smoking room said that he had contacts that would drive the barrel in a couple of hours, would be money.

It is also important to know who suffers from alcoholism, outbursts of rage, bouts of asocial behavior. If possible, find out how people behave in a critical situation – even in banal work stress. All this will allow at least to suggest when an emergency at work can happen.

You may have to listen to gossip. Who got divorced, who got married, who had any problems at work. This, of course, is not very pleasant, but such knowledge can often, if not prevent a critical situation, then prepare for it.

But if you did get into such a situation, you have three options: run, hide, or fight.?

1. Run: When shooting started at work

Even if you have a weapon for self-defense – do not play the hero. The main, perhaps, principle. If this is not your job – do not climb. There is always a police, security service, security, riot police.

Call the police or security services only when you yourself are safe. Otherwise, the sounds of a bell and a loud voice may attract a maniac with a weapon.

2. Hiding: If evacuation is impossible

Close the door with a key, crushing heavy furniture. Similarly, you need to do with the windows, if they are. In no case are not in front of closed windows and doors – they can shoot through them.

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