Manual machine gun PKP “Pecheneg”

PKP “Pecheneg”. Someone of these words will be enough to understand what kind of aggregate we are talking about. And the unit is serious. “Pecheneg”single machine gun, developed in Tula, in the Central Research Institute of Tochmash. The machine gun was created as a replacement for the regular army PKM. The machine gun test was successful, and is now in service with the Russian army. The weapons have proven themselves well in Chechnya, and in general, the feedback from the troops is positive. Machine gun love.

And love is for what. First, the machine gun does not have a replaceable barrel. No need to replace it. Consequently, the machine gun became lighter and more mobile, more adapted to combat operations. In addition, it is logical that in the course of the battle the machine gunner does not have to waste precious time on replacing the machine gun barrel. This was achieved by creating a new barrel with forced ejection air cooling. Trunk Pechenega “ It has a specially designed external fins and is enclosed in a metal casing. When firing, powder gases, which flow out of the barrel bore at high speed, create an effect of an ejection pump in the front part of the casing, pulling cold air along the barrel. Air is drawn from the atmosphere through windows in the casing, made under the carrying handle, at the back of the casing. By the way, the casing prevents the occurrence of thermal moire (vibrations of hot air from the heated barrel), which interfered with aiming.

Secondly, the Tula gunsmiths did an excellent job with the task of increasing the effectiveness of fire. Partly in this there is the merit of a new trunk, since in this case it was possible to achieve a high rate of fire without the need to replace it. Pechenegs can turn the line up to 600 shots. That is, 3 boxes with ribbons for 200 rounds, which is a standard wearable ammunition.

In combat, this machine gun is capable of firing up to 1000 bullets per hour without degrading the characteristics of the barrel. Not reduced and resource, which is 30,000 shots.

Besides, in Pechenege changed the location of the bipods, moving them under the muzzle of the barrel, which increased the accuracy of shooting. However, this somewhat limits the firing sector. Changed and carrying handle.

In general, Pecheneg retained up to 80% of the total parts with PKM (Kalashnikov Modern Machine Gun) (receiver with all mechanisms, machine), and the fire efficiency increased from 150% with machine fire up to 250% with bipod fire (according to developers).

TTX machine gun PKP “Pecheneg”

Caliber, mm 7.62
Used cartridge 7.62×54
Weight with bipod, kg: 8.2
Weight on the machine, kg: 12.7
Length mm 1145
Width, mm 115
Height mm 213
Barrel length, mm 658
Number of rifling pieces four
Pitch grooves, mm 240
Initial speed of a bullet, m / s 825
Sighting range, m 1500
Direct shot range on chest figure, m: 420
Range of direct shot on the growth figure, m: 640
Rate of fire, rds / min 600-800
Combat rate of fire, rds / min 250


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