Manual on the 40-mm grenade launcher GP-25 Bonfire, device, disassembly and assembly, firing rules, after-fire service.

Kalashnikov (AKM, AKMS, AK74 and AKS74). With the attached grenade launcher, the machine gunner, depending on the task, can fire both from the grenade launcher and from the machine gun.

For firing from the GP-25 grenade launcher, VOG-25 rounds with a fragmentation grenade equipped with an instant-action head fuse with a self-destructive gun are used. Shooting from a grenade launcher can be direct and indirect (mounted trajectory) aiming. Direct fire can be carried out by flat and mounted trajectories. The maximum aiming range of 400 meters, the minimum aiming range of indirect fire (with a mounted trajectory) 200 meters. Combat rate of 4-5 rounds per minute.

The device 40-mm grenade launcher GP-25 and the work of its parts and mechanisms.

The GP-25 grenade launcher is an underbarrel grenade launcher, that is, it is mounted under the barrel of an automatic machine. It consists of three main parts:

– Barrel with sights and an arm for mounting a grenade launcher on the machine.
– The breech.
– Trigger cases with handle.

The grenade launcher kit includes: a recoil pad, a snapshot, a guide rod of the return spring with a latch, a bag for a grenade launcher, a bag for shots, a banner. The grenade launcher is connected to the machine using a special bracket connected to the barrel by means of a press fit; the bracket is held with a pin from longitudinal displacement.

The grenade launcher is fixed in a certain position on the machine with a latch located on the bracket. The trigger mechanism of a self-cocking type grenade launcher, that is, when you press the trigger, the cock is cocked and it is disengaged from the combat cock. In the trigger mechanism, a blocking device is provided, due to which firing from a grenade launcher, not attached or not fully connected to the machine, as well as when the shot is not fully completed, is impossible.

In addition, the grenade launcher is equipped with a fuse, eliminating accidental shots after attaching the grenade launcher to the machine. GP-25 grenade launcher is loaded from the muzzle of the barrel. A tail part shot is introduced into the barrel of the grenade launcher and advances all the way into the breech. In this case, the latch pops into the locking groove on the shot and holds it in the bore.

Production of a shot from the GP-25 Bonfire grenade launcher.

When fired from a grenade launcher from the impact of a projectile on a grenade capsule-igniter, a powder propellant is ignited. In the initial period of burning, a propellant charge occurs in a closed volume of a sleeve. Subsequently, under the pressure of the powder gases, a foil adhered to the bottom of the sleeve breaks through, and the powder gases enter the chamber of the breech grenade launcher.

At the same time, under the influence of powder gases, the forward and rotational movement of the grenade begins. With the start of the movement of the grenade, cocking of the fuse begins. The fuse cocking ends after the grenade leaves the barrel at a distance of 10 to 40 meters from the muzzle of the barrel. When meeting with a spread, a fuse is fired, the detonating unit of which undermines the explosive explosive charge located in the grenade.

In case of failure of the fuse from the reaction-inertial mechanism when meeting an obstacle, a grenade is detonated from the fuse self-destruction mechanism. Self-destruction time at least 14 seconds. To mitigate the recoil force, which is slightly greater when firing from a grenade launcher than when firing from a machine gun, a special rubber recoil pad is installed on the butt of the machine.

Contents Manual for the 40-mm grenade launcher GP-25.

Grenade launcher device, handling, care and savings.
Chapter I. General Information.
Chapter II Dismantling and assembling a grenade launcher.
Chapter III. Appointment, arrangement of parts and mechanisms of a grenade launcher, shots to it and accessories.
Chapter IV The work of parts and mechanisms of a grenade launcher and shots to it.
Chapter V. Care for the grenade launcher, its storage and savings.
Chapter VI. Transfer grenade launcher from traveling to combat and from combat to traveling, preparing it for firing.
Chapter VII. Checking the battle of the GP-25 grenade launcher and bringing it to normal combat.

Techniques and rules for firing a grenade launcher.
Chapter VIII. Grenade launcher tricks.
Chapter IX. Rules for firing a grenade launcher GP-25.

Ballistic and structural data of the 40-mm GP-25 grenade launcher and the VOG-25 round with a fragmentation grenade.

Manual on the 40-mm grenade launcher GP-25 Bonfire, device, disassembly and assembly, firing rules, after-service maintenance DOWNLOAD book

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