Manual self-defense for women: Priority actions

From time immemorial nature has programmed a strong instinct to self-preservation. It has been given to life. But has a modern lifestyle in a relatively comfortable urban setting. basic skills and abilities especially concerning self defense. It is where you can live. But what can you do? It’s not a problem.

Many of the people now ability to survive in such a rapidly changing social environment. Who has been able to adequately and clearly apply? I think a few. This should not be surprising. We must be ready for this.


This is a guideline. books on self-defense. It is a superman. This will be an intricate quirks. It’s easy to happen. It is never superfluous. So, let’s begin.

Learn life your life. It is what happened to our daily needs. This is where we were surrounded by the crowd of strangers rushing somewhere. In this case, it is for us. The conclusion follows: Nothing is more valuable than your life! How do you understand? own security and how much much selected self defense!

There is a small digression and clarify one important point. This is absolutely normal. If you save your life, enhancing your life. Perhaps there is nothing more than a chance to save others.

Fear. Yes, yes it is fear! Do not think that brave and courageous people have no fear. Experiencing, and how! But, unlike most of us, they can control and use to your advantage. Yes, I agree, it is an unbridled attack of fear. This tool is, especially in self defense.

Therefore, it’s not a bad idea. After all, it is a natural reaction. extreme conditions. Maximize the natural instincts of self-preservation. Well, what are we? Once again this natural gift. Best ally! And at that moment, you immediately felt the fear of penetrating into your consciousness. How? But we’ll talk about this below.

Physical condition and basic actions

Let’s be honest with you. No, we will be very, very honest with ourselves. Most of us are not athletes. And not even those who seek to get into their number. We are ordinary people living in cities, with all their daily worries and affairs. We’ve come home tired like devils. Honestly, we are even too lazy to run in the morning. There is no laziness. We are not so lazy, we are not too long a long time ago. It’s normal.

Realizing this regrettable, albeit quite ordinary state of affairs, we must understand. This is a very fast pace. After all, you can use fear is running. Highly fast run. I emphasize that you need to run far, but fast! In this case, we are talking about the situation. self defense, in which there is a direct contact with the offender. You need to go away from him. But as it is as fast as possible. And we will have the following goals:

As possible crowded place. You will be able to assist you.

This option is not clear. You rush to where people are possible. Perhaps you were not so long ago in the place where people were. If you’re looking for a car, you’ll see it. In a word, you should direct your run to the side, where people are more likely to be.

It is also important to choose the most. lighted places so that you can see. You need to be able to help you. Therefore, it is easier to identify people who are victims of crime. You’re lazy and fearful by nature. Try to get pretty hard. Moreover, no one wants to witness the attack self defense, It is time to go on court. I am not a coward. Therefore, I’m not a little bit worried, I’m grumbling behind the wall. Yes, it all went to …

And he will be absolutely right. After all the city, it is not a city. Who else happened to you? It’s a good deal of peace. What is the next day? But not more. It can be seen as a slight difference.

So, to prevent this, we will consider the second option.

In the shortest perioddestruction object, Destroying which you can pay attention to yourself.

It is a little differently. Those who commit nature of nature are smart enough and prudent. But they can not provide for all scenarios. This circumstance you should take full advantage.

Objects of destruction. What and how to break

Save it! Fire it up, set it on fire! If there is no need to hesitate, do it! At the moment of complete complete disposal. Act decisively and bravely, but remember that damage done by you must be equivalent to a threat, but not exceed it! It will be your responsibility for you.

If you’re a little bit different, you’ll get it. However, the ecosystem itself has greatly been damaged.

But unlike the forest can be a little differently. If you have a flammable liquid, you can burn it long and hard, then ignite. For example, it can be used as a rule. Dip the wheel under the flames. It’s better to get it. lie in a graveyard.

If you’re on your own way, you’ll be able to move away from you. Than out. It is a scandal. You also come in, for your body, during your sprint race.

If you’re looking for a hurdle. If you’re having fun, then alarm presence. You can break the glass. In this case, it should be the easiest to break it.

Do not kick or shake at each car. Do this until your actions do not respond the owners of these cars or casual witnesses. Save your life, or to facilitate self defense. Do not worry in vain. – it will be for you.

This is the main bet! Even though you’re committed to the global pogrom, you’re committed. Few will want be responsible expensive shop windows of street boutiques. This is a calmer victim of peace of mind. It shouldn’t be him, but attracting attention!

Beat it. If you’re, of course, not of armored glass. And do not stop there! Come out in full – when you’re still available. Bolder, louder, state your complete disagreement with the actions of the criminal. But your protest is heard not only by him, but by everyone else. Fully put out your hostility. It is not a matter of course. police officers. Remember – the damage you have incurred is relatively minor, nothing compared to the value of a saved life.

Be inadequate and unpredictable. Do not behave. Be crazy. Behave as if you were just mistakenly released after five years in a mental hospital. The offender standard set behavioral stereotypes and some basic self defense techniques. Surprise him! Give freedom to your violent fantasy and come off in full.

He is a victim. Stupor any person. Attacking you. If you had cash in your pocket, you can throw it up, which should also confuse your opponent for a while. “The concert”, you can literally have a couple of seconds to build behavioral initiative according to the situation.

And yet – shout. Shout a lot and loud! Shout out how much strength. And do not be shy. Modesty in these matters only hinders. Yell thats the power. If you own a mat, then swear! Swearing harder and dirtier. If you’re listening to your hair, there are many windows and windows. But in fairness, loud noises.

Editor’s note.
There is a good chance to get in touch with them. For your car, it is very much so. However, it’s better to get a ticket to the cemetery. But then again, if you’re just peacefully, you’ll be commensurate? It is easier to give an iPhone

Self defense

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