Maroon beret. How are the tests?

He sees a wolf
The wrinkled wolf is all bruised
in bruises.
– Gray, what is this with you ?!
– Yes … I’m behind Red Riding Hood
chased …
– Oh, brother, you for nothing. Well she recently
on the maroon beret passed …

(Russian joke)

Each has its own symbol. Russian special forces have this symbol – maroon beret. It is a rule of thumb. maroon beret It is also a question of what kind of a resignation has it received.

Purpose of the test

Testing has two main objectives. It has been given that it has been approved. The second goal is to create a stimulus.

Krapovy beret is a great incentive for their volitional qualities.

Not everyone has the right to pass the test. The military personnel has been allowed to take the exam. It is not a good idea. Special subjects of physical training (Internal Troops – approx. Ed.).

Preliminary test

Before the main qualification tests, the preliminary tests, and 2-3 days before the main exam.

To begin, a final check is carried out. This is a complete assessment of the total number of troops. It means that he has reached the limit of the number of krapovy berets. The chairperson carries the test commander to the test scores.

Preliminary tests include:

  • Cross on 3000 meters
  • Pull ups
  • Test 4×10, from the floor, crouching, abdominal exercise, jumping from the crouching position. Repeats seven times.

Basic test

This is what we carried out for one day. The test includes:

  • March of at least 10 kilometers
  • Subsequent overcoming of the obstacle course under extreme conditions
  • Shooting
  • Storming high-rise buildings
  • Acrobatics
  • Hand-to-hand fight

Tests on wearing krapovogo beret can be carried out at least once every six months. There are no limits on the number of people who go to school. their specialty. Mobile medical center.

When passing through the test, the servicemen will be equipped as follows. For the first four stages of the building, it’s not possible. For acrobatic testing – field uniforms and sneakers. For training battles – protective vest, motorcycle helmet.

Marsh throw

Before the march-throw, you will follow.

By the way, the subjects are not easy to identify themselves mentally unstable. In addition to this, the commander can give various introductory:

  • Sudden attack by the enemy
  • Air attack
  • Overcoming debris
  • Overhead water obstacles or mast of marshland
  • Overcoming the site contaminated with toxic substances
  • Evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield
  • Perform push ups or other exercise

March commander com. It is determined that the time is less than two hours. The test is not passed. Throughout the route, control points are set, in the amount of 5-7 pieces. The fighters are removed from the march.

Special obstacle course

Immediately after meeting the candidates for the elections. This has been a maroon beret. The number of instructors: one for five subjects. In addition, there are a number of students who have been given a chance to study.

Instructors who are not allowed to undergo a course; interfere with the subjects; change the test program.

The obstacle course is equipped with landmarks suspended from landmarks: The site is prohibited.

Another obstacle line is the RDG-2B and RDG-2CH of low intensity. It is still a matter of course.

During the march and obstacle course, the candidates must keep their weapons: this is also checked. After the second test, the fighter was shocked with an idle chuck. It’s not allowed.

Go to the next stage – set off on high-speed shooting. After the first two stages, the body is already very tired, which is taken into account. The fighters go to the firing line for shooting. Everyone must meet in no more than 20 seconds.

High-rise assault and acrobatics

Go to the storming of the skyscrapers. For this purpose, it’s a special five-story story building. It is a fighter, and it goes on. In the window of the fourth floor, he has to give it a chance. Having reached the third floor, the fighter must prepare to throw a grenade. Having reached the bottom of the floor. After that, the subject goes down to the ground.

The commando must perform all these actions in 45 seconds, no more. Otherwise, the fighter is not allowed until tests.

The following is the third stage, which has been followed by the spring stage or bridge. Then the fighter passes 1, 2, 3, 4 complexes of special exercises. If you’re not happy, you’re done well.

Hand-to-hand fight

The most important stage of the exam. A fighter without stopping spends for three minutes. One of them – necessarily the krapovogo beret. Knockout it has been survived and it has been actively working during the whole time. The final assessment is determined by the commissioner and the examiner who participated in the sparring with the candidate. There wasn’t much time to go on training.

It is a time for medical care. A doctor can, by decision, remove him for health reasons.

Test evaluation

The tests are monitored by the commission. This is either a “test” or a “fail”. If you’re not satisfied with the “hassle”, it’s not allowed. In addition, during the exam, the fighter. There are three notes that have been removed from the exam.

Handing a net beret

When all the stages are completed, the serviceman is handed a bit in a solemn atmosphere. It is a fighter who has been kicking around. After that, a phrase loudly:

“I serve Russia! And special forces! “

After that, the order is given in part. A maroon beret with full and casual uniforms. In addition, there was a beret.

The marion beret can be awarded in the following cases:

  • If a soldier is injured, he is injured or short circuited during a combat mission.
  • For special operations
  • For courage and bravery shown in

Krapovogo beret

Losing a beret is much easier than getting it.

You can lose when you are committing misconduct, defaming the high rank of special forces soldier. The offenses are:

  • Cowardice and cowardice;
  • The combat mission was disrupted, or there were other serious consequences;
  • Reduction of special and physical training;
  • The assumption of non-statutory relations;
  • Violation of legislation and general military regulations;
  • Systematic violation of military discipline;
  • The situation is for personal gain.

He adds that it’s not a problem.

Maroon beret. How are the tests?

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