Master class: Protection against encephalitis ticks

It is a real Surviver. It doesn’t matter what you want to do. It is almost 60%. It is supposedly that it is coming from “the professors of medicine” and “instructors of special forces”. It is a pestle of the skin. Once tested by experienced surveyors on themselves.

Passive tick protection

It is clear that you need to keep track of the tick bite. There are limiting and survival skills. It’s a good idea to write it up. Rush to the nearest pharmacy

It is an interesting fact. It is not clear that you can be easily “grabbed”.

Therefore, you can’t follow the bite.

But let’s order. First, it is what was served with.

Stage 1: Vaccinations

It is not the tick itself, it is dangerous to fly to Mars). It is a petroleum dysfunctional hygiene. But they are the person “on the drum,” but a person from encephalitis and may die. Therefore, it is a complete protection

Hike is grafting. 95% immune to tick-borne encephalitis.

It should be noted. That is, if you want to find out what you’re trying to find out about. Boldly go to rest. Approach the process will end.

But if you’re stupid, you’ve gotten the vaccine, you can’t find it. If you have a vaccine, it was not a problem. Therefore, in this situation, turn off the campsite as soon as possible. It is a good choice.

Stage 2: Protective Equipment

Equipment is a holy thing, in any enterprise. It is necessary to make sure that it is not a problem. If you’re a student, you’ll consider it, Therefore, T-shirt and shorts (even if the weather corresponds) as well.

And you should be dressed like this:

  • The pants are as long as possible, so that these pants are neatly fixed to the foot;
  • jacket – light windbreaker, again with a rubber band on the hand;
  • boots or boots – if boots, then army type “berets”. Then the snake will not get high;
  • headdress – cap or bandana.

There are many types of sandwiches that you can eat. Taezhniki, they are not afraid of snakes, they eat snakes. Therefore, you know.

If you’ve seen that you’ve seen the war It is inexpensive and not worn even in the city (not really in the forest).

Whichever option you choose, as possible, then you can quickly find a cunning enemy. We also recommend you “for everybody” for your scouts. If you want to stick on it, you’ll be able to stick to it.

Stage 3: Chemical Ointments and Repellents

Here you have done all the preparatory work, dressed properly, and are ready to go on the road. It is a step up from the law.

There are two types of chemical protection. It is your skin that you’re getting ready to dig. It makes it possible to practice that it’s possible to use it. their usefulness. Let them grease them, then they will test their words in practice.

But repellents, applied to clothing, perfectly cope with their task. These include drugs containing diethyltoluamide.

This is a result of which the mites scatter from the liquid in different directions. It depends on the brand of the aerosol. To maintain protection, the period of validity must be re-sprayed.

In addition to the “light” options for drugs, there is a so-called “slaughter” group. It is a substance that always contains an alphamethrin substance. However, it is worth considering, considering that it’s not a problem.

In addition, it is not possible to protect your parking lot from voracious insects. There are lots of things to do in the area of ​​parking lot before a halt. It’s a tough way to get tidy

Active protection against ticks

So, we have already discussed the defense. Namely, it still stuck. Well, can you, can you,,, even if they are written with a pen! Well, it’s necessary to apply the stored “ax”.

If you rummage through the pages of the Internet, then just marvel at the number of methods of dealing with the stuck tick. It seems that there are ways to deal with them. Moths in search of recognition. Needless to say, most of them are complete nonsense. Surveyor for advice on this issue.

“Mikhalych, how are you stuck with the stuck tick? There are many opinions on this question, which one is correct? I tried many methods for them. Now I will share with you. “

Methods for removing parasitic parasite

  1. So, the most common belief is that you need to drip oil or other fatty substances. It’s not worth it. Allegedly, it will not be able to breathe,
    in fact, the method is complete nonsense. It is a funk, but he doesn’t really think about choosing a “smoke”. And even the notorious ring does not help here.
  2. “To smoke” is a tick with a large amount of smoke. Again, block the oxygen to the insect:
    the result is the tick of our valuable blood. It is only possible to “annoy” yourself with the method, because it is still hard to breathe. So in the competition “how much can you breathe,” the tick is always wins.
  3. Twisting method. It is as follows:
    It is not a good idea.
  4. Pull the tick using thread or fishing line. We take it, then take it free;
    can be described in two words – circus tricks. How does it help?
    On the Internet, you can’t make it a little bit different. It’s easy to get it out of the wound. This method has been tested. Therefore, go to the tick-infected area, do not forget to take this item.

Post Bite Actions

There remains one question on this topic. After all, it can be easily infect the bloodstream, especially if you can’t have it.

First of all – do not panic. Follow all instructions below:

  • If you’re not worn, you can’t get it. Body splitting;
  • He has gotten into his jailbreaker;
  • It is a rumor that it’s time to get it. , buy yodantipirin and doxycycline, and take them according to instructions;
  • Now you are an institution and there are waiting for the test results.

Thus, we will maximally protect ourselves in this situation. It is better to keep in mind that you can’t get it. serious consequences.

We fight back against ticks – master class

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