Master Krav Maga strayed with his hands from the bandits with the machete

Freaks armed with machetes Freaks armed with machetes Common sense dictates that nothing. Krav Maga, who has nothing to lose.

February 14, 3 am. A gang of robbers breaks into a pair of sterling pounds – it definitely is something to profit from. I love you! At least 3 hits on the bat, including on the head.

Robbers act, endure all doors, break everything in their path. It would seem that all the odds are on their side. But it was not there.

After the attack, David Pugh received medical assistance. And still, as heAs David himself later recounted – “Balancing the stairs. Instinctively, I’ve been rushing for them,

Criminals are wanted. Fleeing, they managed to control their surveillance cameras.

What can I add? The best tactic “is not a beat, better pissed” is purely theoretically. Because the robbers will beat you anyway. And only concrete resistance. It is not true that it has been a shotgun.

After taking out the blood


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