Matches as an element of emergency stock, survival kit and NAZ, waterproof and windproof matches.

One of the most important conditions for survival in any situation is the ability to get the fire. Fire will give heat and light, dry and warm you, serve as a means of alarm, can be used to purify water and cook food. Finally, it will create comfort, coziness and raise your morale. Therefore, matches are an important component for any survival kit or kit.. 

Matches as an element of emergency stock, survival kit and NAZ, waterproof and windproof matches.

In almost every survival kit or NAZ, matches can be found; this is a small and effective means for producing fire. Nevertheless, the use of conventional matches in survival kits is not recommended; it is better to choose special waterproof and windproof, if possible of course, or to make them so yourself.

In the last century, so-called sulfuric matches were made. To do this, the cuttings of future matches were first dipped in molten sulfur, then in a mixture of potassium dichromate (potassium dichromate) and strong sulfuric acid mixed with liquid gum, a water-soluble resin of some tropical plants. We can use as an analogue the resin of cherry or plum trees. Then they were dried, and a piece of sandpaper was put in a box to them. Subsequently, phosphorus matches appeared, on the cuttings of which were applied heads of white phosphorus, which ignited during friction.

Matches as an element of emergency stock, survival kit and NAZ, waterproof and windproof matches.

The sulfur matches used now are more perfect, a composition containing Berthollet salt, sulfur, stabilizers, glue and other additives is applied to their cuttings. And on the side surface of their boxes, a layer containing red phosphorus, crushed glass and glue is applied. When the gravel head and phosphorus of the grater come in contact, a mixture highly sensitive to friction is formed, and then during friction, ignition occurs.

Factory-made waterproof and windproof matches.

Now there are various types of factory-made water and windproof matches, which are better known as hunting ones. If you are not stopped by their high cost, it is recommended to take two packages at once. One should be used for testing and verifying the qualities declared by the manufacturer, and the other, in case of a positive result, of course, should already be put in its survival kit.

Among foreign-made waterproof matches, Windproof Waterproof Survival Matches NATO NSN: 9920-99-665-4243 matches, which are packed in a hermetically sealed plastic container, can be recommended. The matchstick grater is located on the outside of this container and can become wet or damp, so if you want to, you need to glue it on the inside of the lid, turning the matches there with your head down to avoid accidental ignition.

And it will be even more reliable to put an extra grater to the matches inside the container, because having glued the regular one inward, you greatly lose the convenience of burning matches. There are also matches that ignite about any rough surface, the so-called strike-anywhere matches. They are very easy to identify in appearance; their heads are two-tone. Such matches are very sensitive to friction, and when handling them, extreme care must be taken. They can also be treated with paraffin to give moisture resistance..

Briefly I want to dwell on the so-called eternal matches. 

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