“Matryoshka” – a universal pouch organizer for the EDC

Recently (it seems like last Friday, about a year ago) EDC. It is a process of fulfillment.

Thrown from pocket to bag, from bag to backpack, pouch organizer. It is a significant detail. It is necessary to securely holding it.

Shamelessly stolen idea Alpha one niner called Matroskya, having adopted this name from Russian composite dolls-nesting dolls. There are fastenings that you can use. pouch organizer. Why such tricks? It can be fixed anywhere. It is necessary – put in your pocket. No need – strapped to a pouch or backpack inside. The original design consists of a half-ring, as an attachment point, and a double-hole, as an attachment point. Dvuhchelevlevka unfolds sideways, slides through a semicircle, then it is quite reliable:

Interestingly, it can be used as an anchor point:

The manufacturer offers pouches of a well-defined configuration:

But we need to understand the folding and less deficient. And preferably as tactical as possible. It is a rule of course that you have been a measure of attachment for all military and paramilitary equipment. Here, the choice is simplified,

Homemade mount for pouch

The concept itself is fairly simple and straightforward. But the best thing pouches can be easily converted to matryoshka. It is only necessary to add attachments. How? And now you have a great opportunity to design a little yourself. You will need a 2.5 cm wide sling, two double loops and two frames.

At least 7 (seven) centimeters, sing for the cuts, and a bit for each half-ring, it is 10 (ten) centimeters. As a result, you should get something like the following:

We’ve been making it a little bit easier to adapt, we’ll have this:

Now we put adapters on the pouch. In the case of PALs and the pouch Something like this will turn out:

So, as scientists say, the task is reduced to the previous one. You can calmly hang pouch In the case of the bag. The organizational issue is solved with much mobility.

Backpacks and pouches

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