Means and devices for water extraction, purification and storage of water during survival in extreme and emergency conditions.

One of the first steps to survival is the proper setting of priorities. First of all, a person experiences a need for water, food, fire, shelter. The degree of their importance depends on where you are, however, the presence of water is always in the first place. 

Means and devices for water extraction, purification and storage of water during survival in extreme and emergency conditions.

An adult can live without food for three weeks, but without water only three days. Do not wait until the water runs out to begin replenishing its supplies. Store some water as an emergency supply and constantly look for new sources of clean drinking water. For convenience, we will divide the means for supplying water into the following groups.

, for collecting rainwater, melting snow, ice, putting a bag full of clothes under them.
A drinking tube 0.7-0.8 meters long, from a dropper, a blood transfusion system or rubber for a distiller and water extraction from the bottom layer, will facilitate its extraction from hard-to-reach sources.

Means and devices for water treatment.

Stir potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate crystals) to a solution of a light pink color and allow to stand for an hour.
Pantocide one tablet disinfects 0.5-0.75 liters 15 20 minutes after dissolution.
Iodine at the rate of 3-4 drops of a five percent alcohol tincture per 1 liter (may be in the medicine cabinet).
Sterile gauze for filter device (or bandage from the first aid kit).
A 30-35 liter plastic bag for garbage device for desalination, boiling, if you put it in a dug hole and lower the heated stones on the fire.

Means and devices for storing water.

Two condoms are inserted into the sock, can store up to 1.5 liters each.


Another important element necessary for human survival is salt. The normal daily diet usually includes 10 g of salt. The body loses salt with sweat and urine, and you need to compensate for this loss. The first symptoms of a lack of salt in the body are muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. To restore the salt balance, you should dissolve a pinch of salt in 500 g of water and drink this solution. There must be salt in the survival kit. You can pack it using one of the methods already mentioned..

Plastic bag for trash can be used.

To waterproof the roof of a constructed dwelling or shelter.
As a litter for an overnight stay.
For packing various things in order to make them waterproof.
Large-sized bags with a carved hole for the head will serve as an impromptu cloak.
Hand protection from cold, wind, rain.
Warming feet for this bag should be put on between two socks.
Protect your head from rain, wind, snow.
On the bags you can cross the water barrier, for which they can be stuffed with reeds, twigs, dry grass and tied to your chest as an impromptu life jacket.

Drinking tube (if rubber) can be used.

Rubber rings will simplify the attachment of fishing line to the float and the sealing of plastic bags.
As a rope, for example, to press the sleeves on the wrists and legs on the ankles while driving in deep snow.
If the tube is sufficiently viscous, it can be used to make small slingshots..

Condoms can be used.

For sealing water-based objects and necks of various containers.
For crossing over water barriers. Three condoms inserted into each other should be inflated to half the volume, wrapped in a cover (bag, jacket, pants) and swim, holding in front of you.
As a means of signaling, tying to the tops of trees towering above the forest, trying to get a well-readable geometric figure, such as a triangle.
To protect damaged and bandaged fingers.
Artificial Fishing Bait Making.

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