Means of active self-defense in everyday life, firearms, stun guns, gas weapons, gas cans, pistols with rubber bullets.

These are the means of active self-defense that allow you to actively defend against a bandit encroaching on your life and property. And even attack him, causing injuries and damage. 

Means of active self-defense in everyday life, firearms, stun guns, gas weapons, gas sprays, pistols with rubber bullets.

Firearms as a means of active self-defense in everyday life.

It is best to repel a robber’s attack in an apartment (as well as a bandit or a rapist on the street) as a means of active self-defense firearms. Even the great-great-grandfather’s musket. You will, of course, then be asked where you got the unregistered flint musket from, and maybe even brought to justice, but it will come later. When you stay alive.

. A newer development, “Scorpio 50031”, differs from the previous ones in its large volume and long duration of action.

When buying imported cans, you should pay attention to temperature guarantees. Or at least to the country of origin. For example, in Malaysia, where there is no cold, spray cans will be too thermophilic. And at minus temperatures, they may just not work. From here it is better to prefer countries with a climate similar to us. For example, the same manufacturer “Scorpion 50031” promises reliable operation of its product in the temperature mode from minus 20 to plus 45 degrees. I will not describe the advantages and disadvantages of dozens of varieties of aerosol weapons sold by us.

This is for me, and much better, sellers of specialized stores will do. They will explain how one spray can differs from another. From which bandit will only cry, and from which he will fall dead. Unless, of course, fall. Personally, I would advise you to check the effectiveness of the liquid in your spray can in practice. Now there are a lot of “dummies” or cans filled with some completely neutral liquid. I personally witnessed when a little boy, pulling a can of paralytic (not even tear!) Gas from my mother’s bag, ran to the sandbox to show it to my yard friends.

The first boy pressed a button. Parents, expecting mass paralysis of domestic children and the subsequent increased activity of their fathers and mothers, almost fainted. What about children? The children sneezed three times, pressed, almost putting a spray can in their noses, pressed the button again and went to play sand. The canister turned out to be typical “Deribasovskaya” smuggling. Try your spray can in action, for example by firing a short stream somewhere on the street, after protecting your eyes, mouth and nose with a piece of cloth. And a small part of the inhaled aerosol will be enough for you to establish the truth.

You will doubt it, repeat the experiment in a more stringent form, that is, a longer jet, less protective tissue, closer to the spray can. If he acts, you will cry, if not, rejoice that you did not postpone the tests until you meet a real enemy. When choosing cans, you should pay attention to their size and design. Small spray cans are more convenient to hide, but their duration and volume of sprayed liquid are limited. Large, without additional “hooks”, the offender can snatch from you. Such spray cans are more suitable for men whose palm is more female. The most optimal cans of medium size. Access to the start button should be as simple as possible, including by touch.

The limit of action of household aerosol gas cans is not more than three to four meters. The optimal distance is 2-2.5 meters. Closer to the criminal is dangerous. It is better to release the aerosol in batches, with short (2-3 seconds) presses. In order not to release all the gas at once. The disadvantages of gas cans as a means of active self-defense include their dependence on weather, wind, rain, snow, which can reduce their effectiveness. In a confined space (room, car, elevator), both the attacker and the defending side equally suffer from the gas cloud.

Gas pistols as a means of active self-defense.

As a means of active self-defense, they are similar in action to gas cartridges. But they can throw a charge further and have a more awesome appearance. To describe a gas weapon is a thankless task; there is too much of it. In general, we can recommend domestic products, as there is someone to ask for their quality.

And most importantly, the gas modifications of our pistols are very similar in appearance to their combat counterparts. What achieves a certain psychological effect. When the muzzle of “Makarov” is looking into the criminal’s eyes, it’s very difficult for him to figure out whether it’s a military pistol or just his gas fake. But the same similarity of gas weapons (any, including imported) to military ones can render its owner a poor service. Gestures characteristic of the use of pistols and revolvers, the sounds of a cocked shutter and a trigger, the appearance of a weapon can provoke a retaliatory shot. But already a battle cartridge for defeat.

The reflex of advancing someone else’s shot will work. After all, your opponent does not know that you just wanted to spray the gas. Another danger is shots at point blank range. Hard fragments of a plastic capsule can knock out an eye and even kill it at close range. God be with him with a thug who attacked you. But I know several cases where the owners of gas weapons, imitating suicide, shot themselves at the temple and died for real. Or portrayed a murder and killed for real. A gas weapon is still not a gas spray. GAS WEAPONS IS A FIREGUN WEAPON.

If you are more interested in the effectiveness of a gas weapon of an active self-defense product than its appearance, I recommend purchasing a “BLOW” metered-dose spray device that uses CS substance in its cartridges. “BLOW” is capable of scattering a stream of annoying liquid with a volume of two cubic centimeters over a distance of six meters. It is multicharged (five rounds), automatically throws out the spent cartridge case, which increases its rate of fire.

Less susceptible to weather than spray cans. And most importantly, unlike conventional gas weapons, it does not require special permits. Come buy use. The weight of the “BLOW” is less than that of a standard gas pistol of 250 grams. The disadvantage is a rather large size and not very convenient shape, which prevents quick pulling out of the pocket.

Weapons with rubber bullets as a means of active self-defense.

A relatively new type of weapon and means of active self-defense, sometimes called “non-lethal”. Because, on the one hand, it shoots bullets, on the other, it cannot kill. Because the bullets are rubber. One of the modifications of such weapons is the barrelless wasp pistol. The bullets used in it have a diameter of 16 millimeters and, when hit by a person, they knock him out no worse than a professional boxer. The firing range is ten meters, which is greater than most gas pistols. The aiming of fire is also quite decent from ten meters bullets fall into a circle with a diameter of 30 centimeters. In addition to cartridges with rubber bullets, the “Wasp” can fire light and sound cartridges.

Light-noise effects as a means of active self-defense.

They are created by special sound cartridges used in gas pistols, designed to attract attention and stun the attacker. There are special stun grenades, with their explosion for several seconds (or even minutes) that deaf and dazzle your opponent. Of course, the question is, can you really use the moments of freedom that have appeared to you.

Or, too, you will pointlessly shake your head and rub your eyes, trying to recover from the noise you made. From here I advise you, before taking light-noise grenades with you for night walks, to test their effect somewhere in the dense forest. To know what awaits you and the criminal. And when it comes to business, close your eyes in time and open your mouth so as not to damage the eardrum. The same light and noise effect is used in signaling devices..

Signaling devices as means of active self-defense.

These include sirens, strobe lights and devices of combined (light and noise) action. Stroboscopes act on the attacking side with a powerful (from 500 to 1500 watts) light pulse. Flash strobe resemble the light of flash units, only they are more powerful and frequent. Which leads to temporary blindness of the attacker. Pocket sirens attract everyone’s attention to your disastrous situation with a powerful intermittent sound and they also stun the criminal who attacked you. You should choose the most powerful sirens with a split switch. Usually this is a dielectric plate or rod pulled out of the housing, so that the electrical contacts are closed.

Such switches are good in that without a plate the siren cannot be turned off. And you, of course, throw her somewhere far away from you. And that means that the criminal will have to crawl on his knees for a long time on the ground to find her. Or have to retreat. Most likely retreat. That’s probably all. Although actually not all. In fact, personal safety equipment is much more. To find out about them, just look through specialized catalogs. Or go to stores selling security equipment and active self-defense. Well, what if you do not have a gun, or a stun gun, or a gas pistol, or a tear spray? Fighting your arm.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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