Measurement and weighing of the charge of a fraction for the equipment of hunting cartridges, rolling of a barrel of a cartridge case, calibration of a paper and plastic cartridge case.

The best shot can be obtained only with a consistent shot. Coordination of fractions with the barrel channel of a particular hunting weapon is also important. Matching is best done in a classic way. A felt wad is inserted into the trunk from the muzzle part to a depth of 3-4 mm, then a shot is placed on it so that the grains lie freely, but do not stagger. 

Measurement and weighing of the charge fraction for the equipment of hunting cartridges, rolling of the barrel of the cartridge case, calibration of paper and plastic cartridge cases.

A small fraction can be measured with a manual measure or dispenser; a large fraction, starting with No. 3, is best weighed for each cartridge. Naturally, before measuring, you need to check the compliance of the level of measurement with the required mass of the projectile. Fraction of zero numbers can be measured on the account, also shot by piece measure.

and secure the shell in the sleeve. The cartridge is shaken slightly, leveling the fraction, then a thin cardboard shot wad is sent to the fraction with the navigator. In metal sleeves cork is best 3-5 mm thick or polyethylene.

In this case, the edge of the dulce 5-6 mm should remain in the paper sleeve under the twist. In the brass sleeve, the distance from the wad to the edge of the muzzle is 7-10 mm. Rolling the barrel dule is done by manual or desktop spin, and the desktop is more convenient, especially if it is mounted on a vertical plane. To fix the shot wad in a brass sleeve, glue, nitro-varnish, wax are used, which are applied in a thin layer around its perimeter.

Pressing in the cartridge case of the hunting cartridge with an asterisk.

When pressing the sleeve with an asterisk, a shot wad is not installed. Pressing in with an “asterisk” is performed by a special device or UPS device in two stages. First, with the help of a cone-shaped matrix, they compress the free edge of the muzzle into a cone, and then change the matrix to a cylindrical one and bend the free edge of the muzzle of the sleeve at right angles to the wall of the sleeve.

This method of securing the projectile is now the most popular, since shot wad reduces the accuracy of the battle. Some hunters make a cruciform incision on the inner surface of the shotgun wad, contributing to its rapid decay when fired..

Calibration of paper and plastic cartridge case.

After rolling the cartridge barrel, the paper and plastic sleeves should be calibrated. Unlike metal sleeves, do not use a hammer to calibrate paper sleeves. The sleeve is inserted into the ring and pushed through it with his hands. In this case, the index fingers of both hands hold on to the protrusions of the ring, and push the cartridge with their large, resting against the bottom of the sleeve until the metal head of the sleeve abuts the ring. The ejection of the sleeve from the ring is similar.

Inspection of equipped hunting cartridges, their marking.

After calibration, it remains to inspect the equipped cartridges and mark them. At the final inspection of hunting cartridges, it may turn out that on one or more of them the capsule has moved away or dropped out of the capsule nest. In no case should you send it to the equipped cartridge. First, the cartridge must be discharged, then calibrate the capsule socket. After that, you can equip the cartridge again.

For cartridges equipped with brass sleeves and cartridges in paper sleeves with a rolled dule, the number of the fraction is written on a shot wad. If long-term storage of cartridges is expected, the year of equipment and the charge of gunpowder should also be indicated..

Cartridges equipped with shells pressed with an asterisk can be marked with furniture varnish, tinted with dyes of different colors for different fractions. Varnish is applied to the capsule. The application of varnish to the capsule is also useful in that it protects the powder from the possible ingress of moisture through the micro-gaps between the capsule and the capsule socket. You can also stick a paper circle with the necessary symbols on the pressed end face of the sleeve. In this case, however, shot scree may worsen.

Based on materials from the book Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Manufacture and repair.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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