MecArmy FL10 – titanium carbine flashlight for EDC

If you have ever tried to assemble your own EDC-set, then you should be able to see incredible sizes. It is a real art. Equipment with special multifunctional tools. For example, MecArmy FL10titanium carbine flashlight for EDC some shapes with some tools.

It is important to make it up.

MecArmy FL10, as befits a carbine, it has a large cavity and a wire (also made of titanium) locking “latch”. Thanks to this design, it can be easily attached. If you prefer.

The very form of the body MecArmy FL10 bottle opener and bottle opener In addition, it can be self-defense if it comes to this. But despite the fact that it has been made for EDC, it is clearly not suitable.

Actually, a distinctive feature MecArmy FL10 CREE XP-G2 LED flashlight, built right into the body of the carabiner. It is not possible to reduce the distance of over 60 meters. The flashlight can work in weak, medium, strong, “turbo mode” and strobe mode. The flashlight is charged via a micro USB port.

It’s a carabiner flashlight that you can use for your website.

Technical characteristics of a carbine lantern MecArmy FL10

Luminous flux, lumen 360
Time of continuous work, hours 6
Maximum light intensity candel 1025
Length mm 89.5
Width, mm 43
Thickness mm nineteen
Weight, gram 55

The price of a carbine flashlight is $ 130.

P.S. And this is not advertising =)


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