Medical doctors

Specialists at the University of California. It will be training military doctors, It is clear that it’s more common.

At the moment, it turned out to simulate a penetrating gunshot wound of the ankle area. The muscles of the blood vessels are reproduced fairly accurately. As for the hydrodynamics of the bloodstream itself, there are no programs. However, the program still gives an idea of ​​the nature of bleeding.

These are facts. And it’s not a hearsay. Yes, the program clearly demonstrates the rates of blood distribution for penetrating injuries. So what? Practical use in training military doctors This is not for several reasons.

The first is anatomical features. It is a clear concept of the program.

The second. It should be noted that this is the case when it comes to the field.

Third. Academic knowledge, it doesn’t affect the immediate medical skills. It was not clear that he was lost. Therefore, the emphasis in training military doctors It’s not a matter of course. He is a tatting and bleeding. Will the program teach this? Not.

Conclusion Americans, as always, strive to overcomplicate everything. Yes, it is very useful. And detailed physical models are not better than a verbal description of the same phenomenon. Although it’s possible that there’s no need for a saucer in a prepared form. So make a revolution in principles training military doctors the program will not be able to. This field of practice has been completed.

Medical doctors

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