Medicinal plants: Broom

Whatever the BP, the problems of humanity will abound. The most important is the shortage of medicines. Fortunately, there are very useful medicinal properties. It is not a weakening.

And today we will talk about broomrape. As the name implies, the area is widely accepted. It’s not a problem. then our interest is completely logical.

Distributed broomrape throughout Europe, Asia and even North Africa, mainly in warm regions (temperature optimum – 20-25 degrees). There are also several species of this plant in Russia. And I must say, they live very successfully. It is a parasite and it doesn’t have a full-fledged root system. Some have even developed a specialization – they grow mainly on sunflower, tomatoes, or bouillon in general, for example. But if these plants are not in the area – broomrape It doesn’t matter to whom to cling. Yes, it will grow slower, but it will be the same!

We believe that broomrape we should not forget – if you still have plants, then you will not be able to forget about them. To distinguish it is not difficult. It is studded on all sides. No leaves, the stem is devoid of chlorophyll, therefore yellowish brown. There is no need for any root, but it is a full-fledged root. After pollination, the boxes are formed with the smallest seeds. If they are lucky, they will stick together, take root and grow.

And now the main thing is that, in fact, broomrape can give. It was a better way to drink. And both our medicine, and east, in which broomrape also used, because there is no shortage of it. As it turned out, the plant has a weak analgesic effect (rinsing the mouth with a toothache), a sedative, antispasmodic and tonic effect. There was also a weak antiseptic activity. Therefore, infusion broomrape washed wounds, treat neurosis, help with intestinal colic, diarrhea and enterocolitis. Of course, the effects are not very pronounced. broomrape rarely used with similar activity.

Everything goes into business – the flowers, the stem and the “root.” Dried, chopped and brewed as needed. Drying is under carried out in the open air. It is the time of the harvesting.

Most often do tincture. To do this, pour a teaspoon of dried broomIf necessary, it is possible to mix water in the water. After that, you can safely take up the third of a glass 3 times a day. Or use for rinsing the mouth.

Kidney disease for children with kidney disease broomrape. For people suffering from high blood pressure. Well, individual intolerance, where do without it.

In fact, with broomrape you will encounter in any case, if you want to try to revive agriculture. It appears. So we need to destroy it. It is not a good idea. Let us be rational!

Medicinal plants: Broom

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