Medicinal plants: Burdock

For BP, it will not be for people. Survive only the fittest and undemanding. This and plants concerns medicinal plants just die out. Climatic changes will remain. Yes, it’s not a fact.

Therefore, it is necessary to take BP, in case of BP. And it is precisely one of these potentially medicinal plants and enlightened this article. Today we talk about burdock or, as it is also called, burdock.

He said that she was a woman who saw him. There, where it is a little sun, where it is a hot sun. More and other weeds successfully displaces. And how fast it grows – to meet a bush burdock taller than a man – absolutely real. So the probability that burdock Some high quality of BP.

Why, actually, he interests us. It is a great help for survival.


The burdock roots can be obtained. It is true that the most “experts” should be using flour in proportions of 1: 2. is substantial. In addition, the roots can be roasted and there is just like that. You can also eat young leaves and shoots as a salad. The thing is that burdock contains a large amount of polysaccharide inulin, which makes it a good source of glucose. This may seem strange burdock currently being actively used in Japan. There it is even SPECIALLY grown for these purposes.


For those who are survivors, they are burdock leaves it turns out great silage. It is from the leaves of the trunks. Shoots of leaves and young shoots


Actually, we’re interested burdock – he is medicinal plant. It is a common practice for women to use it. Shoots and roots.

We are most interested in the roots of a one-year burdock – concentration of beneficial substances is maximum. It is actively. The mined roots are cut into small pieces, dried and crushed. In this state, they can be stored for up to five years. When there is a need for healing properties burdock, 2 glasses glasses of water and insist 2 hours. Take 2-3 teaspoons before meals. You can make a tincture for 10 hours.

If you are a woman, you can also use it. Another question is where to get the oil … Leaves and seeds can also be used as medicinal ingredients. But it will not be so effective.

As for contraindications, they are typical for allergic reactions.

Medicinal plants: Burdock

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