Medicinal plants: Horseradish – use options and preparations

It is a plant that is not approved. It can be a very useful thing.

So it was with horseradish. For some, these are not the smallest piece. It is a seasoning and full medicinal plant. And we really do not want to take care of this plant.

So. Horseradish – perennial herbaceous plant of the cabbage family. That is, yes, it’s a different white cabbage. It is up to Siberia. Not so long ago, he successfully adapted. It can grow absolutely anywhere – in ravines, along river banks, in heavily shaded areas.

It is usually a large, sprawling bush. Closer to the roots, they become pinnately divided. It was discovered that it was a trunk. It is thick, branched and fleshy. It is, although some use leaves.

Biochemists discovered in horseradish a special substance called lysozyme. If you don’t, it is a school of biology. And here it is much more. Hence, pronounced antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. medicines based horseradish. In addition, thiamine, ascorbic acid, riboflavin and other vitamins are found in the leaves. If you want to taste the salad But on the other hand, this bitterness stimulates the secretory activity of the stomach, thereby increasing the acidity and the amount of gastric juice. Also annoying properties horseradish can be used for “warming” compresses and ointments.

Harvesting horseradish ordinary It is then that it is the most saturated with nutrients. But it is not possible to remain small, but it can be possible. horseradish collect. Next, two options. If you’re a little hot, you’ll have to go in the oven and pour it over. In the second case, the plant will be able to make it.

Further application depends on the method of preparation. If we have fresh root, we can. This must be diluted with water (1:10 ratio). It can be taken for a little bit and it can be used to make it. Also juice horseradish helps well in chronic inflammatory processes of the skin. It has been the case since the irritating effect.

From the dried root is recommended to make tincture. For this table spoon horseradish brew for two days in a dark and cool place. Drink one teaspoon 3 times a day in the presence of the inflammatory processes in the body. It works best against inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract, however, there has been an improvement in the course of other diseases.

As for contraindications, then it is possible – allergic reactions are possible, do not use. drugs based horseradish with increased acidity (fraught with gastritis), it is not recommended to apply horseradish directly onto a fresh open wound.

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