Medicinal plants: Motherwort

It is a fact that there is a tendency to sleep. But in the long run, this is a fraught of serious problems. How can this be countered, especially if it is not necessary?

In folk medicine motherwort. It is a clear-cut effect on the body. And, it’s a good chance to even find one after all.

Recognizing it is quite simple – a tall, perennial herb with a four-sided stem, a narrow leafy leaflet. Flowers often sticking over the trunk, turning it into something like an ear. You can meet your plants. Deserts, landfills, ravine slopes, heavily shaded places – for motherwort it doesn’t matter. It can be found in both North Africa and Western Siberia. Even in North America, some of its species are flourishing. The most common species heartwort and motherwort five-lobed.

Biochemists discovered in motherwort various alkaloids, saponins, cardiac glycosides, tannins and carotene. In terms of the ratio of these substances, the motherwort is rather close to the valerian drug.

Collecting this medicinal plant June and the lasts until mid-August, when the plant blooms. For harvesting flowers and leaves. It can be used as occasionally, but it can also be used as occasionally. Dried motherwort can be stored for up to three years.

As already mentioned, means based motherwort copes with neurosis-like conditions, normalizes sleep and reduced irritability. Due to saponins and tannins, motherwort It is also suitable for the treatment of eczema and other chronic inflammatory processes on the skin. Rhythm and reduce the heart rate.

Most often from motherwort make infusions and decoctions. There are also a number of tablespoons that can be washed for 2 hours. Actually, nothing unusual. Also motherwort can be brewed as a tea medicinal plants with similar properties. You can even make alcohol tincture – for three tablespoons of dried herbs are poured 100 ml. alcohol-containing liquid and infused for 2 weeks. Take the tincture of drops at a time.

Have this wonderful medicinal plant and contraindications. First of all, of course, allergies. In addition, persons suffering from bradycardia and arterial hypotension should refrain from taking motherwort. It can cause drowsiness, a decrease in concentration. But since it is a swordsman, it must be ready and assembled. So take motherwort better with long breaks.

The medicine

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