Medicinal plants: Nettle

Can be used for medicinal purposes. It is only necessary to understand what and for what. Of course, something will help more, something less. Previously, it was a purely empirical way. It became easier to apply this plant to others.

But when the BP occurs, most of the flora will die. Only the most hardy plants survive, it’s not hurt much. It can be used without illusions. And today we will talk about such a plant – about nettle.

Nettle is an extremely hardy plant. Wasteland, shade, nutrient-poor land – it does not matter. Insects? Let them venture on the leaves. This is why it was considered as a remedy for “bad memory” in rural areas. Inch ordering nettle. The effect was significant. But this is not a bit.

There are two, which, moreover, often grow side by side, and everywhere. The first is stinging nettle. Hefty shrub that can easily live for several years. It is a nettle for the manufacture of fabrics. The second is stinging nettle. Annual small bush with small leaves. He doesn’t have any specific properties.

As shown by studies of some biochemists, nettle – a real storehouse of nutrients. Only one vitamin C in it is enough to meet your daily needs. And there are also vitamins A (retinol), vitamin K, carotene and many other useful substances. Iron, manganese, a large amount of starch and fiber. In short nettles you can be stupidly eat than our ancestors nettle soup – A dish of national Russian cuisine.

It turns out that it turns out nettles into an extremely effective medicinal plant. The areas of application are the treatment of bleeding and the treatment of wounds. A small amendment is not a cure, but a prevention. It is an important component of the blood coagulation system. And if there is a shortage of it, various bleeding begins. Actually nettle with this and fights.

As for wound healing, vitamin C plays a key role here. Or it is formed, which leads to the formation of scars. But, of course, do not assume that anointed wound infusion of nettle – and she immediately heals. Yes, it will be heal Also, vitamin C is the reason that cosmos actively uses nettle to stimulate hair growth. Of course, it’s not a bad idea.

Have nettle harvested roots and leaves. The roots are in late autumn, and the leaves are in May or June, before flowering. Everything is dried under a canopy in good ventilation. And yes, it is not necessary to scald them. Nettle it will be “spicy”. When you leaves begin to crumble – you can finish. All this can be stored for two years, getting as needed. Most often prepare infusions – a teaspoon of dried leaves brewed in a glass of boiling water. In principle, it is quite enough, especially when it is used for wounds.

But like any really powerful drug, nettle There are contraindications. And this is not only individual intolerance. The condition is seriously exacerbated. For children suffering from heart disease and kidney diseases. The first, because the blood actually nettle also has a diuretic effect.

Medicinal plants: Nettle

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